Camping Part 8
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Part 8!!

Camping Part 8

The remaining Campers: Alex Vex Kirabella Ash Andy Serena A̶k̶a̶m̶e̶ ̶A̶l̶e̶x̶a̶n̶d̶r̶a̶ ̶I̶r̶i̶s̶ ̶T̶o̶m̶m̶y̶

3rd person POV Everyone was gathered round Kyle as he was about to explain the fifth challenge. Kyle cleared his throat and began. "The fifth challenge is going to be a race."

Alex and Vex grinned, as they were both really fast runners. "I'm sure you've all been in a race before," Kyle said dryly. "The rules are simple. You get your lazy arse off the floor and run as fast as possible. First one to the finish line wins Safety."

All the Campers were eager to get started but Kyle had more to say. "Since this is such a 𝘥𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘪𝘤𝘶𝘭𝘵 task," Kyle continued, the sarcasm dripping from his tongue, "I had better add a twist to it..." The campers waited expectantly.

"There will be two people voted off at tonight's campfire," Kyle announced. "So you better win Safety, or you have more of a chance at getting voted off." Kyle walked away, leaving the Campers to discuss the twist.

"That means only four of us will be left after this," Ash said sadly. "It means it'll be easier for me to win," laughed Andy. "But it'll be harder for you to make it through to the next round," Serena pointed out. Vex said nothing, as xe was still sad about the death of Jonathan the pigeon.

"All right, my delightful Campers!" Kyle called. "It's time for the fifth challenge to begin!" Kyle told them the course that they would need to run.

They needed to start at the big oak tree, run past the harbour, past the arena, through the forest (all while trying not to get lost), past the campfire and back to the oak tree.

"On your marks, get set, GO!" Kyle blew his whistle and the Campers shot off. So far Alex was in the lead but Vex wasn't that far behind. Unfortunately Ash was last.

Alex grinned as she whizzed past the harbour. Suddenly, Vex overtook her. Alex gritted her teeth. Then a plan formed in her head...

"Look, Vex, it's Jonathan!" she called. Vex turned xis head in surprise. Xe tripped up, letting Alex overtake. "Sorry, Vex," she whispered guiltily.

Ash puffed and panted as she ran the race. Soon she caught up with Kirabella. "Hi," Ash wheezed. Kirabella was too busy focusing on winning to take notice of her. "I don't think I'll win this," Ash continued doubtfully. "I'll probably get voted off."

Kirabella turned her head to face her for a split second before focusing again. "I'm sure you won't do too bad," was all she said.

Serena gritted her teeth, trying to overtake Andy. He was faster than she expected. He turned his head and laughed to see her struggling. Suddenly he crashed into a tree because he wasn't looking where he was going. Serena smirked to herself as she whizzed past him.

Kyle was waiting for the Campers at the oak tree. He squinted his eyes to see Alex racing towards him with Serena in a close second. It was going to be close...

Ash felt hopeless. There was no way she'd ever win this race. Alex and Serena were to far ahead to catch up with. Ash frowned. This wasn't like her. She didn't just give up so easily. She was determined to win this.

Feeling a new burst of energy surge through her body, Ash sped forward, whizzing past Kirabella, Andy and Vex. She was so close to overtaking Serena.

Suddenly Serena tripped and Ash took the chance to overtake her. Now all she had to do was overtake Alex.

Alex turned her head to see a very determined Ash speed past Serena. "Damn," Alex muttered and picked up the pace.

Soon she and Ash were neck and neck. It was going to be so close... At the last minute Alex sped forward just as she crossed the finish line. This was the order they finished in:

1. Alex 2. Ash 3. Serena 4. Vex 5. Kirabella 6. Andy

Alex was breathless but so glad she won Safety.

Later that night at the campfire, everyone was super nervous. Two people were getting eliminated. Kyle cleared his throat. "And the following people receiving a marshmallow are: Kirabella Serena "And the final person receiving a marshmallow is..."

"Ash! That means Vex and Andy have been eliminated. Sorry guys, but it's your time to leave. Bye, bye!" Ash was so glad she wasn't eliminated but she was sorry to see Vex and Andy go.

Hope you enjoyed this part! The next part (part 9) will be out soon. Luanna

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