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Part 7!! What announcement does Kyle have?

Camping Part 7

The remaining Campers: Team 1 Akame Alex Vex I̶r̶i̶s̶ ̶T̶o̶m̶m̶y̶

Team 2 Kirabella Serena Andy Ash A̶l̶e̶x̶a̶n̶d̶r̶a̶

3rd person POV Everyone gathered round Kyle the next day because he had a special announcement to make. "As you are probably aware, you are currently in teams," he began. "Well, today is your lucky day! From now on you will compete in the challenges as individuals. That means only one person can win Safety."

"And speaking of Safety," Kyle continued, "the fourth challenge is Archery." Serena grinned. This was something she was good at.

Kyle lead everyone to a small field with three targets, some bows and a quiver of arrows. "You will each take it in turns to shoot three arrows at a target," Kyle explained. "Each colour is worth certain amount of points; white is zero, black is five, blue is ten, red is fifteen, and yellow, AKA the bullseye, is worth twenty points. The person with the most points at the end wins Safety. Vex, you're up first."

Vex grabbed a bow and three arrows. Xe carefully aimed the first one. It hit the black ring of the target. Xis next arrow hit black again. Suddenly, just as Vex was aiming for the third target, a pigeon flew past. "Jonathan?" Vex said in disbelief. It was the pigeon xe met during the first challenge.

While he was staring at the pigeon, Vex accidentally shot xis third arrow. It hit Jonathan the pigeon. "Jonathan!" Vex cried as the poor pigeon fell lifelessly to the ground. "I'll give you an extra point for that," Kyle said. "Poor Jonathan," Vex said sadly. "Ash, you're up," said Kyle.

Ash grinned shakily and picked up a bow and three quivers. She was super nervous about competing as an individual. Her first arrow missed the target and her second hit the blue ring. Her third missed. "Not too bad," Kirabella told her kindly. Then it was Andy's turn. He was feeling pretty confident about it as he's pretty good at knife throwing.

His first arrow hit the blue and his second hit the blue again. His third arrow hit red. He did a little victory dance. The next person was Akame. They were feeling super confident now that they were competing as individuals. That meant they didn't have to worry about someone messing it up for them.

Akame's first arrow hit black. Then their second arrow hit blue and their third arrow hit black again. Akame cursed under their breath. They hoped it was enough to still beat Andy.

"And next up is Kirabella," Kyle called. Kirabella wiped the sweat from her palms and picked up a bow and some arrows. She was grateful they were competing as individuals now. That meant nobody could betray her team and she didn't need to worry about messing up for someone.

Kirabella's first arrow hit the blue ring. She smiled. That was a good start. The second arrow hit black. Kirabella frowned. She started to get stressed out. Her last arrow missed completely. Kirabella never did well while she was under pressure.

"Alex, you're up," Kyle said. Alex grinned confidently. This was going to be fun. Her first arrow hit the blue and so did her second. Her final arrow hit red. That meant she was tied with Andy.

Serena was the last person to go. Her first arrow hit the red. Her second hit the red again. Serena squeezed her eyes shut and thought of Alexandra and how she had vowed to win for her. "This is for you, Alexandra," she whispered. Serena opened her eyes and shot her last arrow. It hit bullseye. She squealed and jumped up and down.

Kyle cleared his throat. "And the scores are as followed: Ash: 10 Vex: 11 Kirabella: 15 Akame: 20 Andy: 35 Alex: 35 Serena: 50 "That means Serena has won Safety!"

Everyone gathered round the campfire to vote that evening. Serena was glowing because she was Safe and no one could vote her off. "I have received the votes," Kyle announced. "And the following people receiving a marshmallow tonight are: Kirabella Vex Ash Alex

"And the final person receiving a marshmallow is...

"Andy! Sorry, Akame, that means you have been voted off." Akame glared round at everyone, wandering who had voted them. They all said their goodbyes to the and Akame left the island.

Part 8 will be out soon! Hope you enjoyed reading this part!!! Luanna

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