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Part 6 is out!!!

Camping Part 6

Ash's POV "Serena and Alexandra still aren't back," I say worriedly, gazing out the dorm window. There is a really big storm out there. "Don't worry," Akame says flippantly. "I'm sure they'll be back soon." Kirabella raises an eyebrow. "The storm out there is huge. They could be lost."

"We need to go and find them," I declare. "I agree," says Alex. "Who's coming?" Kirabella and I raise our hands. Akame rolls their eyes and raises their hand too. "Let's go and find Serena and Alexandra, " I say firmly.

Akame's POV "I swear we've been walking in circles for ages!" I yell over the sound of the storm. "If we're not careful, we'll get lost too!" "Relax, Akame!" Alex tells back. I can barely hear her. "We'll find them soon."

Soon we come across the forest that Kirabella, Ash, Alexandra and Serena went too. "This is where we last saw them," says Ash. "Look!" Kirabella points. "There are some footprints in the mud!" We follow them out the woods and round the other side of the island.

Kirabella's POV "We need to get to higher ground so we have a better chance of spotting them," Alex says. "I'll climb that tree," I say. "Wait." Ash grabs my arm. "You could get struck by lightning or fall. " I smile as confidently as possible. "I'll be fine."

I begin to climb te nearest tree, keeping my breathing as steady as possible. Suddenly I slip and lose my footing so I'm hanging off a branch by my fingers. "Kirabella!" Ash shrieks. I grit my teeth and force myself upwards. The cold wind bites at my face and freezes my fingers. Soon I get high enough. I squint my eyes against the raging rain. "There's a hut!" I call down. "They could be there!"

I climb back down and we race towards the hut.

Alexandra's POV "You okay?" I ask Serena. She nods but I can tell she's really scared. Suddenly we hear banging. "What's that?" Serena hisses, her eyes wide. "Its just the wind," I tell her. She breathes a sigh of relief. "I really don't like thunderstorms," Serena says.

"Well, I'm afraid of dust," I say, shrugging. "Really?" Serena stares at me. "No," I laugh. "I just said that to make you feel better." Serena let's out a small laugh. It's not much but at least she's relaxing a bit more. Just then the door bursts open and we scream. "I think you burst my eardrums," says a familiar sarcastic voice.

"Kirabella!" We cry. Standing at the doorway is Kirabella, Alex, Ash and Akame. "Come on," Ash says warmly. "Let's get you two back to the dorm."

3rd person POV Kyle called everyone to the campfire the next day to find out what the third challenge was. "Greetings, Campers, I hope you slept well last night," he began. "Good to see no one was struck by lightning or scared to death by ghosts." He looked knowingly at Serena and Alexandra.

"The third challenge is an obstacle course, " Kyle announced. "The first team with all players to complete the course wins Safety." "But that's not fair, the other team only has three people," Ash points out. Kyle shrugs. "The universe just has a cruel sense of humour, I suppose. Now follow me to te obstacle course."

The obstacle course consisted of stepping stones, ropes, hoops, climbing frames and a spinning thing that looked really complicated. "Three, two, one, GO!" Kyle yelled. Everyone started running towards the first obstacle which was some stepping stones.

Vex was in the lead so far. In fact, xe was the first one to complete the obstacle course. Andy was second. Suddenly, Ash slipped and almost fell off the climbing frame. Kirabella grabbed her hand and hauled her up. "Thanks," Ash gasped. The next person to complete the course was Kirabella. Then Serena, then Andy. So far, Kirabella's team was winning.

Then Alex completed the course. "Come on, Akame!" She yelled. Only Akame, Alexandra and Ash were left. Ash completed the course. "Yes!" Andy whooped. "Come on, Alexandra." Akame frowned and raced forward. Their team couldn't afford to lose again. Akame and Alexandra were neck and neck. Who was going to win?

Suddenly, Akame leapt up high into the air and landing on the finishing podium. "Yes!" Vex high fived them. Kyle blew the whistle. "Sorry, guys," Alexandra told her team. "Its okay," Serena hugged her friend.

Kirabella's team was super nervous for the campfire. Who was going to get voted off?

"And the people receiving a marshmallow tonight are: Kirabella Ash Serena "And the final person receiving a marshmallow is...



"Andy! Sorry, Alexandra, that means you've been voted off." Tears shone in Serena's eyes as she waved goodbye to her friend. "Win for me, Serena!" Alexandra called as the boat carried her away. Serena silently promised that she would.

Sorry it took four days to work up the motivation to write this part. Hope you enjoyed. Part 7 will (hopefully) be out soon! Luanna

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