Camping Part 5
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The campers have the day off but what trouble will they face?

Camping Part 5

3rd Person POV "And the final person receiving a marshmallow is..." Kyle paused. Everyone held their breath. "Vex! Sorry, Iris, you've been eliminated." Once everyone said their goodbyes to Iris, Kyle told them they had some free time before the next challenge.

The remaining people: Team 1 Akame Alex Vex I̶r̶i̶s̶ ̶T̶o̶m̶m̶y̶ Team 2 Kirabella Andy Ash Alexandra Serena

Alex was fuming. "We all agreed to self-vote! So why did Iris get voted off? Did someone vote for him? Or was he randomly picked," she ranted on to Vex and Akame. Akame looked away, feeling slightly guilty. It was them who voted Iris off. They knew that to win they needed the best people on the team, and they no longer could trust Iris after he was caught helping the other team.

Kirabella's POV "Let's all go exploring," I suggest to Ash, Alexandra and Serena. They all agree. We decide to head to the far side of the island and come across a small forest. "Let's stop here for a bit," Alexandra says. "I want to draw this." She and Serena sit down on a rock and begin sketching.

Ash pulls me aside. "We're friends, right?" she says quietly. I nod slowly. "So when we need to do the challenges as individuals, we'll help each other?" Ash asks. I nod again hesitantly. I don't know if Ash and I should work together. Individually means on your own. And what if she betrays me? That way I won't win and she will. I don't know if I can trust her.

Ash smiles and goes off to join Serena and Alexandra. I decide to clear my head by climbing up a tree. From the top of the tree I can see most of the island. Vex and Andy are racing each other near the harbour and Akame and Alex seem to be plotting and scheming. I'm not entirely sure what their relationship is. Are they friends? Or are they enemies? I think they're frenemies.

I breathe in the fresh air and take one last glance below me before climbing back down. A wave of disappointment rushes through me as my feet touch solid earth. I don't think I'll belong anywhere else except up in the trees.

Vex's POV Losing Iris hit me hard. Not only have we lost Tommy, we've now lost another member of our team. The other team still have all five members. But Iris was also a bro. Us boys got to stick together, was what we promised each other at the start of this camp. And now there are only two of us left.

"Hey, Vex!" Andy calls. "Look at this!" I run over to him and immediately wish I hadn't. Andy is holding the biggest cockroach I've ever seen. "It's so cool," Andy grins. I start to feel sick. "No it's not. Put it down, Andy." He waves it in front of my face. "Are you scared of this teeny-weeny cockroach," he teases.

"Stop it, Andy!" I say more harshly. "Okay, okay," Andy laughs and puts the cockroach back where it belongs; under a rock. I breathe a sigh of relief. But Andy will never let this go. Looks like I'll have to bear his taunts throughout the rest of the camp.

Serena's POV Alexandra and I spend the rest of the day drawing, while Ash and Kirabella head back to the dorms. Evening soon fell. "We should start heading back," Alexandra says nervously. "Yeah," I say. We get up and start heading back.

"Uh, are you sure this is the right way?" Alexandra asks me. We've been walking for about ten minutes now and the dorms are nowhere to be seen. "I don't know," I answer honestly. "I can't really remember the way." "It'll soon get dark," Alexandra says. "We better hurry up." We walk for about twenty more minutes before we finally admit that we're lost.

It's so dark that I can barely see a thing. "Look," Alexandra says. She's pointing to that old haunted hut we found. I grin. "We'll be able to find our way back from here." Suddenly it starts raining. Like, really, really hard. Immediately, I'm soaked to the bone. "Quick! In here!" Alexandra calls over the roar of the rain. I follow her voice to the hut.

"We can't go in there!" I protest, my voice barely audible above the crash of the rain. "You wanna freeze to death out here?" Alexandra yells back. I groan and we rush into the hut, slamming the door behind us. I pull out my torch. There wasn't much battery life left. "You okay?" Alexandra whispers. I nod, my teeth chattering.

Suddenly, I see a bright flash and the rumble of thunder. Oh no. I'm terrified of thunderstorms. "There's no way we're going back out there until the storm is over," Alexandra says. "I don't know what's worse," I say shivering. "Facing the thunderstorm, or being stuck here in this haunted hut..."

TO BE CONTINUED... (again. Lol sorry about all the cliffhangers mwahahaha)

Part 6 will be out soon. Hope you enjoyed!!! Luanna

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