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notexactlyhuman We have WiFi on Mars. You coming?
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The second challenge is ago!

Camping Part 4

3rd Person POV "And the final person receiving a marshmallow is..."

"Akame! That means Tommy has been eliminated. Everyone follow me to the harbour where you will say your goodbyes to Tommy." Everyone trailed after him sulkily. They were sad to see Tommy go. "Bye, Tommy, we'll miss you," said Ash. "Sorry, mate," Iris said. They all waved as the boat left the harbour with Tommy in it.

Serena's POV "And the second challenge is a scavenger hunt, " Kyle announces. I grin. This is going to be easy. We split into our teams to discuss tac tics. Kyle hands us all a list. Large spider Four leaf clover Heart shaped rock Golden leaf Yellow ladybug Number 13

"Let's split up," says Kirabella. "Serena and Alexandra, you guys find the heart shaped rock, yellow ladybug and number 13. Andy, Ash and I will find the golden leaf, large spider and four leaf clover. " I nod and Alexandra and I start hunting.

"Let's find the heart shaped rock first, " I say. "Okay," says Alexandra. "I think I know where to find one." I follow her to the harbour. There is a hole with lots of rocks in it. "How did you know about this?" I ask "I decided to draw the harbour and found this," Alexandra shrugs.

We quickly find a rock shaped like a heart. "That's one thing done," I grin. "Two more to go."

Iris' POV "Alex, you look for the yellow ladybug and golden leaf, Vex, you look for the spider, Iris you look for the four leaf clover and heart shaped rock, and I'll look for the number 13, " Akame tells us. I nod and start looking. The heart shaped rock is pretty easy but the four leaf clover seems impossible.

Just then, I notice Kirabella, Andy and Ash searching in a field for something. It looks like they're looking for the four leaf clover too. Maybe we can help each other even though we're on different teams. "Hey, guys," I approach them Kirabella narrows her eyes. "What do you want, Iris?" "I know you guys are looking for the four leaf clover too," I say. "Maybe we can look for it together?"

Kirabella folds her arms. "You're on a different team." "Yes, but none of us are gonna find it if we don't work together." "He's got a point," Ash says reasonably. "Four leaf clovers are impossible to find." "I think he should help us," Andy says. "Fine," says Kirabella. We all start looking for a four leaf clover.

Alex's POV "What's Iris doing with the other team?" Akame asks me. I shrug. "He's probably sharing all our secrets," continues Akame. "What secrets?" I say. "Tac tics, weakest links, strongest people," Akame says. I roll my eyes. "It's just a stupid game." But I knew it isn't. I really want to win this.

I approach a tree and search around it. There's one golden leaf lying on the ground. I take it. Finding the yellow ladybug is a little harder. But soon enough I find one sitting on a leaf.

Kirabella's POV "I've found a four leaf clover!" Ash cries. "Who gets it?" Iris asks. "Us obviously," I snap. "Because we found it." "Look, a five leave clover," grins Andy. Iris snatches it from his hand and pulls off a leaf. He smiles. "Four leaf clover."

"Well, see you," I say. "My team and I are off to find a golden leaf." We approach a tree. "Dang it," I say. "There aren't any golden leaves left." "Look," Ash points. High up in the tree is a golden leaf. I start climbing the narrow trunk. "Careful," Ash calls up. I gasp as I nearly slip and fall off. "You okay, Kirabella?" Andy asks. I nod and continue climbing.

Soon I reach the top and grab the golden leaf. I smile as the wind whips up my hair. Then I climb down, reluctantly.

Alexandra's POV "We still need to find something to do with 13," Serena says. "How do we do that?" "Let's think," I say. "What has a number thirteen on it?" "A door?" Serena shrugs. I grin. "Yes, and I know exactly where to find one."

I lead her to the far side of the island where an old, crumbling hut stood. "I asked Kyle about this and he told me it's a haunted hut," I explain. "Apparently an old couple used to live here. They got tired of each other and the husband murdered his wife. That night, the ghost of the wife came back to haunt her husband till the day he died." Serena and I shiver.

Look, the door number is 13," Serena says. She pulls out her phone and takes a photo. Suddenly we hear a strange noise. "Let's get outta here," I say. Serena nods and we run away from the haunted hut.

Vex's POV Right now, I'm terrified. Akame told me it was my job to find the large spider. Trouble is, I'm afraid of anything that's a creepy crawly. I know spiders aren't technically a creepy crawly but they freak me out all the same.

Just then, Kyle blows his whistle signaling the end of the challenge. That must mean the other team have won. Akame will be fuming. Later that day, we're discussing who to vote off. "I saw Iris talking to the other team," Akame says, pointing an accusing finger at Iris. "He must've been sharing our secrets." "I was just helping them," Iris protests.

"That's betrayal," says Akame. "Leave him alone," Alex says. "Well, who are we gonna vote off?" Akame says. "Let's vote for ourselves," I suggest. "That way it'll be a tie." "Great idea," Alex says.

Iris'POV We all agreed to vote for ourselves but I'm still super nervous at the campfire. Was helping the other team betrayal? I don't think it was that big. "And I have counted the votes," Kyle announces. "And the people receiving a marshmallow are:

Alex Akame "And the final person receiving a marshmallow is..."


Another cliffhanger mwahaha!! Btw if you don't like how your character is acting don't be afraid to tell me. Part 5 will be out soon. Luanna

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