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The first challenge is in full swing, but who'll get voted off?

Camping Part 3

3rd person POV The next morning, Kyle asked everyone to meet him at the oak tree. Soon everyone had arrived but Kyle seemed to be late. "I wonder what the first challenge is," said Iris. "Whatever it is, our team is gonna win," Andy said confidently. "We'll see about that," Alex said, folding her arms.

"Greetings, Campers!" Kyle said, appearing from behind the tree. Everyone jumped in shock. "Now that I have appeared," Kyle began with an amused look on his face. "We shall start with the first challenge. Follow me." He lead the campers to a corner of the island, near the harbour, where a small arena stood.

"Dodgeball," Kyke grinned, spreading out his arms. Tommy groaned. "I hate sports." Everyone stared at him. "What?" Tommy said, confused. "Literally everyone here likes sports or is okay with them," Kirabella said. "Everyone's different, " Tommy said defensively.

"Okay, gang," Kyle clapped his hands. "You have five minutes to discuss tac tics with your team. Go!"

Serena's POV "Okay, guys," Kirabella says. "Tac tics!" "Don't get hit by a ball," says Andy. "Don't break the rules. Try and hit the other team with a ball. Try not to get hit in the face." "Very helpful, thanks Andy, " Kirabella rolls her eyes.

"How about we assign roles for each other," I suggest. "We could have attackers and defense." "Great idea," Ash smiles. "Since I'm the leader of this team, I'll assign the roles," Kirabella says. "Andy, Ash and I will be attackers and Serena and Alexandra will be defense." "Hands in everybody," Andy grins. "3, 2, 1... To Victory!!!"

Alex's POV "Okay, " I say, taking charge. "Tommy, no offense, but since you're the weakest here, you can stand at the back of the arena. Vex, you take the left side-" "If nothing goes right, go left," says Vex happily. We all stare at xem.

"Anyway," I continue hurriedly. "Iris, you take the right side. Akame and I will take the middle." "Excuse me," Akame places their hands on their hips. "Who's in charge here?" "Sorry, cap'n, " I bow my head. "Right," Akame claps their hands. "Here's the plan. Uh. What she said. Iris in the right, Tommy at the back, Vex in the left and Alex and I in the middle."

I glare at them. Rude, much?

Vex's POV Kyle blows his whistle and the game begins. Balls are flying everywhere. I'm so glad everyone on our team is pretty fast. We're really good at dodging the balls. Alexandra is the first one out, then Tommy. There are still four people left on each team.

Suddenly, I spot a pigeon sitting on a bench. It feels like ages since I've seen an animal and I can't help staring at it. I watch as it ruffles it's feathers and making that funny, pigeon-y noise that sounds like Pruu Pruu Pruu. Just then a ball hits my chest and I jerk. Damn. I need to stop getting distracted. That's me out I guess. I decide to go and sit beside the pigeon. I call it Jonathan.

Kirabella's POV I watch desperately as Serena and Ash get eliminated. It's just Andy and I left on my team. Then Andy hits Iris. Akame and Alex who are left on their team. Two all. The pressure is getting to me and I don't do very good when I'm stressed. And right now I'm really stressed.

Suddenly a ball hits my arm. "Sorry," Alex mouthes. I sigh and sit down on a bench.

Andy's POV It's just me left now. You might think that makes me feel super nervous but it actually makes me feel even more brave. If I hit both Akame and Alex then that means I'll win for my team. I'll become a hero! That sudden surge of power makes me throw a ball so hard I hit Alex in the stomach.

I grin and narrowly miss a ball thrown by a very cross Akame. I suppose this is what happens when you mess with them. You get a ton of balls thrown at you. The game goes on for a few more minutes and I'm starting to tire out. I can see Akame is getting pretty tired too. One of us will need to lose soon and it better not be me.

Using the last essence of energy I have, I lob a ball at Akame, not paying attention where it was going. "To Victory!" I yell as I throw it. Then I collapse to te ground just as it hits Akame in the chest. I am victorious!

Tommy's POV It's almost time for the campfire and I'm terrified. The other team won Safety that means my team need to vote someone off. I have no idea who to vote. "Guys, group meeting," calls Akame. We approach them. "So, who are we gonna vote?" they ask.

"I don't know," Alex shrugs. "I think we should vote Tommy off," Akame says. "He's practically useless." "No way!" Vex says. "That's rude, Akame." "Well, we can't not vote anyone off," Akame shrugs. "Time for the campfire!" Kyle calls.

Iris' POV The other team decided to come to the campfire to watch. "Okay, you will anonymously write down who you want to vote off on a piece of paper," Kyle explains to us. "Then I'll count the votes. If you're safe I'll hand you a marshmallow." Then we vote. I feel super bad about who I voted. I hope they'll forgive me.

3rd person POV Kyle cleared his throat. "I have the results. Remember, if I hamd you a marshmallow that means you are safe. And the following people who are getting a marshmallow are: Vex Iris Alex

Akame and Tommy held their breath. "And the final person receiving a marshmallow is..."


Part 4 will be out soon!! Luanna

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