Tea tea stories

notashleyY o U r F u t U r E A u t h O r
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The story of why tea produces caffeine.


by notashley

1) Boil the water

Heat me up, make me angry.

2) Add a tea packet to a cup

An empty room with a person. Filled with rich aromas, stories, and love to share.

3) Add boiled water to cup

Pour my anger into the room, heating everything that dares touch me.

4) Add honey or sugar

Add the finishing touches of sweetness into a room of history and anger.

5) Mix it all up

Spin the sweet historical anger in that tiny room.

6) Drink the finished tea

Drink down the mixture of feelings.

7) Let it bubble up inside you

Let all the anger, history, and sweetness swell into you, making you energized. And soon, you'll have all the energy you need to create your own past, anger, and sweetness.

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