My Real First Date
My Real First Date true love stories

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Love is so often misunderstood. This is my take on love. Hope you're ready to change the world. Cause I am!

My Real First Date

By: notashley

People always seem to be interested in the topic of 'Love.'

From knowing secret crushes to your first kiss. It's just something everyone has an interest in.

Genuinely, I wasn't surprised when someone asked,

"What was your first date?"

Now, I am not a person of Love.

I've never really been interested in having a boy/girl friend or kissing or all that. So one would say I wasn't in a love relationship.

But then I realized I was in a love relationship.

I was having a relationship more powerful than couples or first kisses.

I had family.

These people,

these people were there when I needed them. They comforted me. And they didn't cause me heartbreak. They cause me heart-mend.

It's funny what the world thinks love is.

They think that love hurts. That love is fake and it breaks people. But that's not true.

Love is something beautiful.

Love does not break. It mends. It does not destroy. It fixes. It's something beautiful... and when it's not, then its probably not love. Love combines all races, genders, ages alike.

So when someone asks you, "What was your first date?"

Answer with this: "My first date was with my family. My first date was with my best friends. I was welcomed into the world filled with true family and friends-

A true date means love. And I am surrounded by love everyday. Therefore, I go on dates everyday."

And therefore, watch as they begin to smile.

But before you say anything else, ask them this:

"Are you ready to change the world?"

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