Worlds Collide (Part 2)
Worlds Collide (Part 2) animevampire05 stories

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Worlds Collide (Part 2)

ELVES (and their pets) Ria - Ace the Alpha Wolf (bookishtween13) Orion - Nagini the Basilisk (goldenflame) Alma - Blaze the Phoenix (shifa_ta) Kirabella - Mira the Miniature Lion (wafflecatz)

FAIRIES (and their pets) Allie - Kona the Kitsune (animevampire05) Kaira - Delli [I made that up, sorry] the Deerfox (btsismybias) Nat - Scooter the Angry Bulldog (natty_hat)

Right before the big battle, everyone was getting ready.

Orion was training, but accidentally hit Alma in the nose.

"Ack! Sorry!" Orion yelled.

"Uhhh... couldn't you be a little more careful!?" Alma said, holding her nose.

"I SAID I was sorry!" Orion yelled, crossing his arms.

"Guys. Now's now the time! Look!"

At that moment the fairies waltzed in. They TRIED to walk in very dramatically, but Nat tripped and fell.

"Dang it!" She said.

Allie rolled her eyes and saw the elves standing before her.

"Kona, attack!" Allie yelled. But Kona just sat there.

The elves starred down at the little kitsune and laughed.

"Omg...!" Kirabella gasped. "Your kitsune can't even take orders from you!"

"Shouldn't you be getting ready for the battle?" Nat said, crossing her arms.

"Sure, whatever." Orion rolled his eyes.

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