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notanauthor I'm not a poet... and I know it.
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Where She Lives

by @notanauthor

"Well done," Professor Grant said in a melancholious tone. One quite like Nicolas Wells' own. Nicolas grabbed his coat, put it on, and went out the door without saying goodbye.

When he was walking home he saw a beautiful girl sitting down on a bench. Her eyes sparkled like the ocean. Her golden hair whooshed in the wind. Nicolas imagined kissing her.

Her soft lips would touch his. He wouldn't let her go. He would ask her to date him. They would get married. But that was only a wish. Nicolas didn't know the girl.

He sat down next to her and asked, "Are you lost?" The girl looked up, startled, and said, "N-no. I don't think so. I'm just waiting for the bus.

" Nicolas stared at her, but she tried not to make any eye contact. "The bus hasn't come here in 50 years," he told her. She looked at him. "Oh... that explains it...

" Nicolas didn't know what to say now. He looked back at her and they started having a conversation. Later he found out that her name was Ashley Robbins.

Nicolas grabbed her face in his hand and said, "You're really pretty." Ashley brushed his hand away and said, "Thanks. Y-you're kind of attractive too... I guess.

" Was this really happening? Did she really just call him attractive? No one has ever called him that before. He cupped her chin in his hand and kissed her. He did it. It had been done.

And he didn't regret it. He admitted to himself that it felt good. Ashley, however, had other thoughts.

"STOP!" She got up and yelled. "JUST STOP! I barely even know you and you had the courage to kiss me!"

"I- I thought we were getting along well!" Nicolas pleaded. Ashley ignored him. As she walked away something fell out of her purse. It was a silk handkerchief.

Now he must find that beautiful girl and give it to her...

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