The Thriller (Part 2)
The Thriller (Part 2) love stories

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It was a Saturday, April 7th, 2017... when a Thriller came into my life...

The Thriller (Part 2)

I finally pushed away from him, covering my face with my hands.

"I liked that..." He said. I looked up at him.

"You sicko!" I punched him in the arm. Hard.

"Ow!" He screamed.

"Answer this, dude! Why are you going around stealing!?" "Because..."

"Because I don't have a lot of money and I can't get a job." He explained. I almost felt bad for him.

"Oh... I'm so sorry to hear that..."

"Well... it's life, ya know?" He sighed. He looked out the window and climbed out.

"Wait!!" I yelled.

He turned to see my face. My acne, freckle-filled face.

"Don't go..."

And I found myself giving him an extremely special gift.

A gift that would change his life forever.

I leaned towards him and pecked his cheek, then quickly turned away in embarrassment.

But we both knew we liked it.

"I'll see you around." He said, perching on the window.

"But how?!" I asked.

But he just smiled and went away.

That same night the power went on.

I heard no more news about it or the robbery.

But I wanted to...

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