Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #4 Nam-Redips
Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #4 Nam-Redips spiderman stories

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Everyone, meet Nam-Redips!

Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #4 Nam-Redips


I'm Parker Peter!

If you couldn't already tell, my world is backwards.

So, my best story......

Well, I should probably do how I became Nam-Redips

See, I was a spider before.

I told you my world was backwards!

So, I was a spider before.

I had hitched a ride on a school bus.

I was determined to see a large part of New York before my lifespan was up.

They were going to a science lab.

I grabbed onto a kid's backpack.

They all went inside.

The kid knocked into something.

I had no idea what it was, but it smelled funky.

The group kept walking.

That's when a different kid pulled me off of the backpack.

"Lick it," they said to their friend.

"No," the friend said.

"I double dog dare you," the first one said.

The friend shrugged.

Worst. Thing. Ever.

The one who was holding me then flicked me across the room.

I had just enough time to catch myself with a web strand before impacting with the wall.

A couple hours later, I thought I could feel my end near.

I went to a corner.

Well, I had seen more than most spiders.

I closed my eyes, excepting my fate.

Then, something I wasn't expecting happened.

I started growing bigger.

Looked down.


Human feet.

I held up my front legs.

Human arms.

I looked over the rest of me.

I was human?


I didn't even care.

I felt more alive then when I got there.

I was human, and I was going to enjoy it!

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