Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #2 2072 (Part 2)
Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #2 2072 (Part 2) spiderman stories

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Part 2 to 2072's story.

Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #2 2072 (Part 2)

I stared directly into those black eyes on the alien. All three.

"What did you do to me and why kidnap e in the first place?" I questioned, actually surprised at my voice.

"In due time child," the alien said, waving me off.

The alien, besides the eyes, looked almost human.

I had no idea where they were taking me.

But I didn't want to stick around and find out.

As soon as their backs were turned, I quietly crept back up to the duct.

The rest of the time, it was keeping out of sight while trying to find an escape pod.

Eventually I did.

And someone else like me was inside.

We stared at each other.

"3905," They said.

"2072," I said.

I crawled inside with the other person and the pod took off.

The coordinations set for Earth.

We, um, had to be towed by the Guardians of the Galaxy on the final thousand light years.

Finally, 3905 and I landed on Earth.

We decided to start training.

It was only a matter of time before the aliens came looking for us...

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