Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #2 2072 (Part 1)
Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #2 2072 (Part 1) spiderman stories

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Part one of spider person 2072's story! Ooo. Exciting!

Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #2 2072 (Part 1)

Hey Peter's Web-heads!

I'm 2072!

Yes. That is my spider name, don't judge. It was my experiment number, okay.

So, most exciting spider story?

Well, I'm gonna copy Human Spider and say it's my origin.

So, I was abducted by aliens. Yes, they exist where I live.

Anyways, I didn't know that.

Because I couldn't remember squat.

Even my name.

The only reason why I knew they were aliens and I was abducted was because of my "cell mate" Rico.

Rico didn't know my name, but we came from somewhere called Earth.

He also told me I was one of four humans the aliens experimented on.

I was the only one alive.

That freaked me out a little not gonna lie.

I looked around the room.

There was one option of escape.

Unfortunately, it was stuck on the ceiling.

I tried jumping.

Jumped a little too high.

Somehow, my hands stuck to the ceiling!

I used them like suction cups and made my over to the point of escape.

A fairly large air duct.

I managed to get it open and help Rico inside.

I wasn't leaving the only human that might still be alive!

We made our way through the ducts to this giant room.

The bridge.

The aliens were waiting.

"Excellent work Mr. Drico," the front most alien said.

Rico nodded and went to go stand beside the other alien.

"Hello 2072," the alien said to me.

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