Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #1 Human Spider
Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #1 Human Spider untold stories

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In this issue, we look into the life of Human Spider. Or as I like to call her, Baseball Bat Spider-girl!

Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #1 Human Spider

So, Peter let me use his account so you guys could hear my best story as a Spider person.

Well, my best story is my origin.

No duh, huh?

Well, it kinda started one day while I was at home.

And by home, I mean our family's apartment.

We lived in an apartment building that was maybe five stories.

Welp. Spider-Man is a comic in my dimension, and I was a huge fan.

It would help for me to say that my family only moved to the apartment a year prior to this.

So anyways, yeah.

Well, it was maybe around one am when the smoke alarm went off.

The building was on fire.

Me, being a nerd, had fallen asleep cosplaying in a Spider-Man suit I made.

I grabbed my baseball bat, mainly because I was half awake and thought it was the burglar alarm.

When I saw smoke, I acted.

I managed to get my family out, but there were still others trapped.

What compelled me to save them, I have no idea.

I rushed back inside and floor by floor got every one of those families out.

When I was questioned about who I was, I just said "Your friendly neighborhood human Spider-girl!"

The press labeled me the Human Spider and the rest is history.

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