"My Love"
"My Love"

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nostalgic_bliss A writer who is a bit too sentimental.
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A poem written by me titled "My Love"

"My Love"

It's easy to get caught up in the chaos of life

to recall all the reasons that you hurt because of it

And now I sit and stare out the window at night

Hoping to get pulled out by the whirring, fervid wind.

But there's my wisdom of plunging back into reality

even though I am scared to death of the faceless unknown

While I cry, he wipes the tears away which soothes me

and reminds me of the million reasons I have grown.

It's a bittersweet notion because I still battle myself

as I put up the durable and consistent walls only I comprehend

And yet my love refuses to place me back on a dusty shelf

while he constantly reminds me that "it's not the end."

Through the falling emotions that feel like an infinite tide

and the way he cradles my red, mottled face in his hands

I feel so unbearably exposed because now I cannot hide

the way he has my heart in more ways than the tiny strands.

My love sees me in all my vulnerability and still wants to hold me

while I am terrified I have scared him off with my panicked eyes

I turn around for one second and at last I feel indescribably free

while caught beneath his warmth and affection at the same time.

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