"Melancholia is My Home"
"Melancholia is My Home"

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nostalgic_bliss A writer who is a bit too sentimental.
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A poem written by me titled "Melancholia is My Home"

"Melancholia is My Home"

I wake up to the faint reminder

that the darkness is cradling me

as it’s my unconditional friend –

And as much as I want to pull away

It’s concealed darkness whispers

mysterious words of hate that I

find surprisingly comforting.

Each time I want to see the light

and move towards the brightness

a fearsome brute taps on my shoulder –

And that’s when I hear the laughter

But not the kind that brings people joy

But the kind that lures you in

when you realize that you have lost.

Residing with bad company is like

the feeling I get when I’m melancholy

so my body numbs and I let myself go –

At this point I’m not sure where to drift

when the somber brute wants to keep me

and make me as sad and as lonely

as it’s despondent self does at night.

Why people like to wallow in sadness

will forever be bewildering to me

in many ways as each day passes by –

I think it’s because that faint essence

of nestling up to familiarity is what

attracts those who exist and find that

it’s the only way they can survive.

Then out of nowhere I felt the reason

why those with a beating heart rely

on the throng of infinite sadness –

It’s easy when you’re isolated with

indescribable thoughts with no release

so the only other option is to embrace

that darkness whom has become a friend.

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