Heartbreak: lost but not forgotten
Heartbreak: lost but not forgotten poetry stories

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A heartbreak poetry which revolves around where how one grasp the emotions within when his proposal is turned into rejection and still the love within have no end.

Heartbreak: lost but not forgotten

I can’t grasp what it was 'fore

slipping through where I caught now

and your hands didn’t entwined in mine embracing ever

mine surging eyes swirling didn’t touched your empty core

weep screaming, why did I spot you sneaking through that door

dig out interior is drench with smoky darken bitterness poison

gasp about the refusal as all the butterflies within died seared

still brimmed iris streams ocean for bleeding ache dwelling in

enveloping that grief I stroll gazing at this vacuum realm

and still I stand twisted consuming burns that engraved marks lasting on me

thirsty core do battle to consume pouring amour shower to sink me in it

it didn’t spill over me but pierced me like million bees sting

sojourn within its venom mine flesh lay frozen dazed whisking from senses lit

scared I’m now to flash those scars all over again and again

still I yen to leak gripped ardor for you silently in mine emptiness

as in loneliness your denial wont spin that blazing flames over me

while slit blooded cave can seize your stature daydreaming ever

that is blanketing me from spilled ache stream,

I’ll wrap myself from snub heartache that crunches heartbeats

I know ceased visions of thy luring frame have no lasting

still dwindling amour waves breathing dim in obsession within

only that will now quench my stirring itch

yen that is beaten to collapse crumbled

floated shifting without tracing thy sheen

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