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A simple poem to that thing that can help us stay organized... or completely distract us...


Oh beautiful to do list,

So organized and linear

Every little thing in its place,

Every thought listed and numbered.

You are full in the morning,

And full in the evening,

And somehow no matter how much I accomplish…

You never seem to get any shorter.

I thrill with each opportunity to remove something,

I eagerly anticipate each item that gets added on

And yet somehow nothing ever gets done.

How can that be?

Is it an illusion, Or do my eyes deceive me?

For all your functionality, All your beauty and clarity, Is it possible that you’re not helping at all?

With my days filled with adding and removing the little things… Is it possible I’m overlooking the big things?​ Is it possible I’m overlooking the big picture? Is it possible I’m missing the point?

Oh, how I long to just throw it all away Start over from scratch. Start again with nothing on my to-do list

How do you think that would feel?

Maybe I would feel lost and confused Not know what to do with my days, Not know how to track my progress,

Or maybe I would just feel free.

Free to be zen and go with the flow, Maybe everything would fall into place anyways.

Maybe without the little things in my way the big things would be clearer.

Maybe, just maybe productivity itself is a lie. Maybe efficiency is just sleight-of-hand.

Maybe WHY I am doing things is more important than the things I’m doing, Maybe my goals are more important than my tasks.

Maybe… But maybe I need you after all,

My beautiful to do list, To keep me accountable, To keep me sane, To keep me in line.

Oh, beautiful to do list, Why must you torture me so?​ Taunt me with your organization, Tease me with your functionality,

And then leave me after all of it to my own devices.

Oh, wondrous to do list Thank you for helping me I forgive you for frustrating me

And I have now accomplished one more to do… To write a poem to you… And now I can cross it off.

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