The Fall of Man
     The Fall of Man bible stories

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A re-telling of the Eden story in verse and inspired by the title image, by the fantastic artist Bahman, whose works you can find here:

The Fall of Man

His lady Eve passed Adam the apple

in the garden of—even

though He had said: No you mustn't know

good and evil,

so serpentine she birthed the worm,

from a womb of innocence

and rebellion, as he in divine aphelion learned

of sinful inconsequence,

from within a cavity of snakes,

they took twin masquerade masks of death,

arcane and fabled, gold leaf and skeletal,

and laughed at the setting sun,

whose will be done—

to die for their mistakes,

the reptillian led them to their seats,

in a theatre of falling leaves,

front row of decay,

and crowned them gods and scientists.

But from their seats they could not rise,

for it was they were on the stage,

by wisdom caged,

as the snake hissed prophecy:

descendant crowns become collars,

and Eve wept,

tears of spiritual squalor,

for all the unborn scholars,

choked into submission,

by sin.

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