Rain of Dust
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normancrane Instagram: thenormancrane
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We have ground our future into dust.

Rain of Dust

We shelter in caves

Beneath a man-made steel sky

Once reflective of our soul

Now corroded, its reflection a reminder of our great lie

That the Earth could be tamed

Exploited and submitted in the name

Of the human race

Now it is we who must abase ourselves

Deep underground

As above the megastorms tear apart the heavens

Grinding the atmospheric rust

into vicious orange clouds

Which fall upon us: a forever-rain of dust

Blue oceans smothered

Forests choked

Fields unrecovered

Fires infinitely stoked

We dreamed once of going to Mars

But see instead it's Mars that's come to us

Descended people of a dead planet

We reap the fallen dust

We reap the fallen dust

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