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1st Part of the series.

Mind (The Connected Fives)

A seemingly normal person pops out of nowhere. From his breath down to his blood flowing through his veins echoes.

"What....What is this?"

His words resonate outward and after every momentary interval comes back to his ears but it isn't the same. It isn't the same voice.

He gets up from the place where he had been summoned and a sudden clank of chains breaks the silence of nothingness. He looks around and looks at himself.

Checks whether he had any chains but there were none.

"What's happening??"

He starts running, trying to find some hope of some peace of escapism of this infinitesimal cage.

"WHERE AM I?!?!?"

Chains clanking each time he moves a certain part of himself. He slowly feels his sense of himself fading away. He's moving towards insanity.

He beats his head trying to remember himself, Who he was when he was young.

His memories slipping away in fragments like grains of sand.

He cannot do anything but walk...and walk. From here to there to nowhere. He keeps on walking with uncertainty filling his disproportionate sense of self.

Having a faint sense of hope that one day everything will be fine. Hoping that one day that uncertainty will have a concrete certainty to it and he can move ahead.

So, He can finally leave

So, He can finally breathe.

"So, I can finally be happy."



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