Who I am, part 1
Who I am, part 1 fiction stories

noone101 Community member
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This is part one of a short story I am writhing, I have no idea where it goes yet. If you are into novel-like short stories this one is for you. Let me know whether you want a part 2?

Who I am, part 1

I drink the wine that I let seep through my veins, letting it relentlessly possess my blood. Good come to those who wait I think. And I've waited a lifetime. A lifetime for this good that comes to me.

I look out over the balcony. I see a couple of young children fight over a dead rat in the filth and damp of the street.

I can see them, but they can not see me. Not touch me. Oh how long has it been since I was like that? So young, so reckless, so pitiful?

A smile occurs on my face. No more, I think. No one can touch me now. The inauguration is still a couple of hours away, but you can feel the air fuming with dispense.

Whether they hated me or loved me, they respected me. They had nothing but mad respect for a woman of my stature, of my class, of my delegacy. To do what I've done. No, nobody could even reach the brim of what I was doing. I had respect.

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