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Recently I have been confronted with the undeniable truth for almost every woman out there: Pregnancy


Recently I have been confronted with the undeniable truth for almost every woman out there: Pregnancy

Don't worry, I thank the heavens it's not me

But I must say that the confrontation that came with new life kept my thoughts going

Obviously, in such a lifechanging event it brings you back to your own feelings and life experiences

Girls as young as four years old are confronted with their fertility and their womanhood

Play house, that is what we still called it back then

Throughout a woman's life she is constantly expected to know what is expected from her and her womb

Early childhood, first periods, sex ED, first times, magazines

There is nearly no place pregnancy or fertility cannot be found

Well, not in the boy's lockerroom, that is

The first time I heard my friend was pregnant I felt, threatened, somehow

Like this wasn't supposed to happen, I did not want to enter this face of my life

All the women around me: talking about babies en cuteness and their unfaithfull lazy husbands that refuse to do a baby-family-portret, or something?

I feel panicked, knowing what is expected of me one day

One day I am going to have to look a baby in the eyes and accept that it is my job now

The second I get pregnant with a babe I'm to accept to be treated as a first-calf heifer

I am after all, bringing forth new life to the stock, and therefore I must be protected

It all feels dehumanizing somehow

Also I am terrified of motherhood

Hell, my mother had been abused for years when she first had me, so what chance do I have?

How can it be expected of me to raise a healthy child? Bring forth new life with all its consequences?

Why should I bear the responsibility of making a choice for another human being?

If anything, families choose to have children for the most superficial reasons

'Oh but it will be cute' or 'It will make us complete' or (my personal favorite) ' It will make us picture perfect'

I rarely hear the real consequences of childbirth play a role in these arguments

Raising a child is just hard, it really is

At the end your making a decision to put a life on this earth

But do any of those women ever question themselves

Does that life want it too?

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