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noone101 Community member
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A first post. Politely introducing myself to myself on a saterday morning. How would you describe your appearance?

Describe myself

I'm standing in front of the mirror. My medium brown hair falls in waves next to my fair skin.

My skin is so light that I never had any kind of troubles pretending to be sick, I just put on a grim face and the mood would change instantly.

My freckles and grey-green eyes make a weird combination next to the grey glow on my hair. Really you could believe it was a wig if you stared long enough.

I think most people could easily believe God intended for me to be a ginger, but decided to change his mind at the last minute.

I've never particularly considered myself pretty, with my round features and ill-like skin, but boys always smile back once I smile to them, so I must not account for nothing.

Besides, in the world which I live in, there's a lot you ought to do with makeup.

And if there is a mistake that cannot be changed by the laws of makeup then it surely could be surgically altered. Thankfully, nobody has to die ugly in this world.

I grin to myself as that thought comes up.

When I look at my body, the only word that comes to mind is round. I'm not thick, or in any heavy way 'round'. I'd like to think that my body is at a healthy weight.

But I still come across as slightly chubby. I have round hips, round shoulders, a tiny round belly, round breasts.

Once again, nothing spectacular really, but what cannot be fixed in the mind can be fixed with the needle.

My name is No One really, and yet I'm here to tell everyone's story.

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