Invisible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 2
Invisible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 2  kageyama tobio stories
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After confessing, Kageyama stays the night with his lover, tucked away in their blanket fort fortress. They hope to win the practice match against their rival team the following morning.

Invisible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 2

quick a/n Heyooooo! chapter 2 is outtttttt. hope yall enjoy. i'm really surprised people actually read chapter 1 haha. anyways onto the story~~~~

Hinata starred up into Kageyama’s beautiful dark blue eyes. They reminded him of the night sky. “Has anyone ever told you how beautiful your eyes are, Kags?” Kageyama blushed and looked away. “Shut up, boke.." Hinata snickered. “Someone’s flustered~” He teased.

Kageyama glared at him causing him to laugh more. The two walked over and sat on the porch. Hinata peeked into the paper bag and gasped. “There’s four in here! Thank you Kageyama!” He took a meat bun out of the bag and began eating it.

“Did you get anything for yourself?” Hinata asked his newly made boyfriend. Kageyama shook his head. Hinata frowned and grabbed another meat bun out of the bag. “Here, I will share! You did buy these after all!”

He smiled brightly causing Kageyama to smile too. He felt all warm and fuzzy inside. The taller boy accepted the meat bun and ate it happily. “I will put the other two in the fridge, and we can have them for breakfast,” Hinata said, taking the last bite of his meat bun.

Kageyama nodded and finished eating his as well. The smaller redhead looked up at his dark haired boyfriend. “Do you wanna stay the night..?” Kageyama flushed a deep shade up red. “Sure, b..boke.” he covered his face. Hinata giggled and stood up.

He reached his hand down to Kageyama to help him up. Kageyama took his small boyfriend’s hand and stood up. “C’mon Kags, we should get some sleep, we have a practice game with Nekoma tomorrow!” Kageyama smiled slightly and nodded.

The pair crept inside and up to Hinata’s bedroom. They walked in and Hinata shut the door behind them. He then went to go sit on his bed, patting the spot next to him. “Did you bring pajamas, or your school clothes.?” Hinata asked. “Oh, uh yeah.. I was kinda hoping you would ask me to stay over, so i came prepared.” Kageyama replied.

Hinata made his mouth into an “O” shape and nodded. Kageyama got up and walked to the bathroom with his bag. While Kageyama was in the bathroom changing, Hinata grabbed a few more blankets and a box of thumb tacks.

When Kags returned, he saw his short boyfriend struggling to stand on a chair and pin the corner of the blanket to the wall. “What are you doing, Boke?” he said, shutting the door behind him. “What does it look like, Bakayama, I'm building a blanket fort! Now get over here and help me."

“I don't know how to make blanket forts..” Kageyama said sheepishly. He didn't have much of a childhood, seeing as his parents were always working, and his sister never had time for him. All he had was volleyball. And now, Hinata.

"That's okay Kageyama! Just make sure I don't fall, and hold the box of tacks!” he said, handing Kageyama the tacks.

Finally, the two had finished their blanket fort. Hinata crawled inside and motioned Kageyama to come with him. Kageyama joined Shoyo in the fort and pulled him into his lap, hugged him tightly, and layed down. Shoyo blushed and laid his head on Kageyama’s chest.

As he listened to the steady beat of his heart, he began to drift off. Kageyama wanted to tell Hinata that he loved him, but he knew it was way too soon for that. Instead, he placed a soft kiss on the small boy’s forehead before giving into his tiredness, and falling asleep.

The boys were awoken by Hinata’s alarm clock around 5:30 am. Kageyama groaned and reached for the snooze button. He gazed down at the sleeping Hinata. He had his head on Kageyama’s chest, and his arm wrapped around his torso.

There was a slight dribble of drool on his chin. Kageyama’s heart melted at his boyfriend’s cuteness. He shook him slightly to wake him up. “Hey, Boke, it's time to wake up,” he lightly shook him again.

Hinata furrowed his eyebrows and scrunched up his nose. “Nooooo not yet!” he snuggled closer to Kageyama. After finally getting Hinata fully awake, the two got dressed and ate breakfast. They then made their way out of the door and to their bikes.

“Wanna race?” Hinata asked, a huge smirk on his face. “You're on!” Kageyama hopped onto his bike, Hinata doing the same with him. The two raced to the school. Once there, they racked their bikes and made their way to the clubroom.

“Do you think we'll win today?” Hinata asked. “Hell yeah.” Kageyama smiled. “Right! We are gonna win this!”

To be continued~~~~~

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