Invincible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 4
Invincible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 4 kageyama tobio stories

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Invincible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 4

quick a/n fjgewhfheash holy shit guys- i did not expect people to read this- thanks so much! now, onto the story :)

After a few hours of just sitting and talking after dinner, the captains decided that it was time for everyone to start heading home. After saying their goodbyes, Kageyama and Hinata went the opposite way to go get their bikes from the side of the store. They began walking to Hinata’s house.

Since it was December, the weather was cold, and it was snowy outside. Hinata kicked himself for not bringing his jacket. Kageyama noticed the small redhead shivering, so he took off his grey hoodie and threw it in Hinata’s face.

“Gwah! Oi! What was that for, Bakayama?” Hinata asked glaring up at the tall dark haired boy who had a smirk on his face. “You were shivering, boke. You’re welcome.” Kageyama remarked. Hinata huffed. “Thanks I guess.”

He pulled the hoodie on over his head. It was far too big for him. The sleeves went way past his hands, and it was long enough to cover his shorts. He giggled and flapped the sleeves. Kageyama noticed how incredibly adorable Hinata looked, and couldn't help but blush a bit.

When the duo returned to Hinata’s house, they put their bikes up and went inside. “Do wanna stay the night again?” Hinata asked. “My mom and Natsu aren’t home, they are visiting my grandma.” Kageyama nodded and followed Hinata to his room.

Kageyama walked in and sat in the chair by Hinata’s desk while Hinata flopped onto his bed and groaned. “My legs hurtttttt!.” he whined. “Kageyamaaaaaaaaaaa!” “What, Boke?” Kageyama questioned, sitting up in the chair.

“Can you make me some meat buns?” the redhead asked in a pleading tone. “Boke, i don't know how to cook. I'd probably accidentally burn your house down..” Kageyama said, getting up and laying next to Hinata on the bed.

“Aww c’mon Kags! I can help! I don't know how to cook either, we can watch a YouTube video or something. There’s YouTube videos for, like, everything.” “Ugh..fine.” Kageyama stood up and walked to the door. “Wait for meeee! My legs hurt.. Carry me please?” Hinata begged him.

Kageyama rolled his eyes and walked back to the bed. He grabbed the smaller boy by the waist and picked him up and put him over his shoulder like a potato sack and walked down the stairs. The pair did their best to try and make meat buns.

It resulted in flour all over the counters, and on themselves, dough on the floor and somehow in Hinata’s hair, meat spilled on the stove top, and the seasonings tipped over on the table. “Well.. atleast the house isn't burnt down..” Hinata said, brushing the dough out of his hair.

“Mhm..” Kageyama mumbled wiping flour off his cheek. “Come here, Boke. There is flour all over your face.” He cupped Hinata’s face in his hands and rubbed his thumb over the redhead’s cheekbone, wiping a clump of flour and dough off.

Even though he was absolutely a mess of flour and dough, Kageyama still couldn't help but notice how insanely adorable Hinata looked. He blushed slightly and smiled. “You’ve got it in your face too, Kags.” Hinata smiled and reached up and used his thumb to wipe off the flour on his tall boyfriend’s face.

Kageyama blushed and chuckled. “Oh my God- you can laugh?!” Hinata asked dramatically. Kageyama rolled his eyes. “Of course i can laugh, idiot.”

The two cleaned up and decided it was best to just go back to Hinata’s room and watch movies for the rest of the night. They decided on Elf, since it was nearing Christmas time. The pair cuddled up in their blanket fort over Hinata’s bed and fell asleep before the movie was over.

to be continued~~~

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