Invincible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 13
Invincible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 13 angst stories

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Invincible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 13

a/n sorry i didn't post yesterday! things at home have been a bit rough, and i've been busy studying for my finals coming up this week, i'll update as much as i can though! <3 onto the story!

“Kageyama.. I.. i'm sick.” “W..what?” was all Kageyama could manage to utter out in his state of shock. “You’ll be okay though, right? Like, you’ll recover and be okay?” Hinata only averted his gaze to the carpeted floor and shook his head slightly. “No..” he whispered.

Kageyama felt like his world had just shattered into a million pieces. He had no idea what to say, or do, or even think in that moment. So he did what calmed him most. He picked up the small red head and walked to their room and lied on the bed.

The pair lied there wrapped in each other’s embrace for what seemed like hours and hours. Neither of them spoke, they only lay there, in complete silence. The smaller male finally broke the silence. “Do you want the details and stuff?” he asked quietly.

“Yeah..” Kageyama replied, almost in a whisper. Hinata took a deep breath, still lying on his husband’s chest before speaking. “It’s.. i have cancer... a brain tumor.. Glioblastoma multiforme, or GBM to be exact.. Stage four.”

Kageyama stayed silent, holding Hinata tighter, giving into the threat of his tears falling. As the dark haired man lay there, sobbing silently into the crook of his smaller husband's neck, Hinata continued.

“We caught it very late… as you may already know, stage four cancer is pretty much the end, and there is already a low survival percentage. They are saying I have around 12-18 months before… you know…” It went back to being silent. Hinata was trembling, his face buried in Kageyama’s chest. Kageyama had his arms wrapped around the small male tightly, refusing to let go.

After a few minutes that felt like hours, Kageyam finally spoke up. “ long..?” he asked, fighting back sobs. “H.. how long have you… how long have known..?" Hinata tightened his grip on Kageyama’s t-shirt. “About three m..months.” he whispered.

“Ok.” Kageyama managed to utter. Kageyama was thinking back to all the times he could recall his tangerine acting strange, and it all made sense now. All the times Hinata would get random long lasting headaches, or get sudden and random fevers, or whenever he randomly lost more weight than normal.

And not to mention all the times he wouldn’t eat. These were all common symptoms that Kageyama remembered learning about in one of his health classes in high school. He kicked himself for not remembering or catching on to what was going on.

He couldn't help but think that if he caught on to it, then Hinata would be okay. “They have me already in chemotherapy, and I've been going to a lot of check ups. That's why I leave early in the mornings on some weekends, or come home late on weeknights..” The small male said quietly.

He paused before saying what he was going to say next. He took a deep breath. “Doctors are saying that at the rate I am going right now, and if the cancer cells keep spreading, it is best if I just be hospitalized until..” he didn't finish that sentence. He couldn't.

“Stop it. You are going to be fine, so don't say stuff like that.” Kageyama said quietly. “You are gonna make it through this.. And i will be here with you the whole time.” Hinata’s heart dropped into his stomach and he bit back a sob. As much as he wished it was true, he knew he wasn’t going to be okay, and he knew that the inevitable would soon come

It hurt him to even begin to imagine what Kageyama was thinking in that moment. A few more hours of silence passed, the two still wrapped in each other's embrace. They had spent almost the whole afternoon crying and lying on the bed together. Neither of them knew what to do or what to say.

Hinata sat up and got off the bed. “We should probably eat something.” He said softly. Kageyama, who was still laying down, only hummed and nodded. He was still deep in thought about the whole situation he had just been informed about. What was he to do? What could he do?

There had to be something right? He hoped and prayed for a solution to this curse. After the two had something to eat, Hinata went and sat on the couch while Kageyama was still in the kitchen, lost in thought. “Kageyama..? Are you gonna come sit down?” Hinata asked softly.

Kageyama didn't respond, he only continued to stay leaned against the fridge, staring down at the tile that covered the perimeter of the kitchen. “Kags? Are you okay?” Kageyama looked up and met gazes with his husband, tears streaming down his face. “I am sorry.” He said, choking back multiple sobs.

Hinata flung himself off the couch and into the direction of the kitchen. Once he was at arms length, the small male pulled his lover into a tight hug. He reached up so one of his hands could hold the top of Kageyama’s head, and upon feeling that hand up there, Kageyama let his head drop to the red head’s shoulder.

“Why are you apologizing? None of this is your fault.” Hinata said softly. “I should h..have caught on to the symptoms! I could’ve caught it earlier, a..and you would be o..okay!” Kageyama sobbed furiously. Hinata felt his heart sink, and tears pool in his eyes upon hearing that. It hurt him to think that Kageyama was blaming himself for this.

“Shh.. shh.. This couldn't have been helped, nobody saw this coming. This is not your fault, okay? None of this is your fault..” Hinata said, running his hand through the taller male’s hair. “Plus, it’s not like i'm dying tomorrow or something, i still have a year or so.. And we are going to make the most of it, alright?”

“I know, it’s just... i “a year or so” isn’t enough.. We are supposed to love each other forever..” Kageyama said. Hinata sighed softly. “Oh Tobio.. I will love you forever. And I will always be with you. You are my bestfriend, and the love of my life. If you think for one second that i won't fight to be here until my last breath, you are batshit crazy, and just plain stupid.” Hinata said with a small smile.

Kageyama quietly laughed. “You’re starting to sound like Kei..” Hinata pulled away from the hug and gasped while smiling widely. “How dare you compare me to that salty dinosaur!” he put a hand on his chest pretending to be offended.

“I’m only kidding.” Kageyama said, still smiling slightly. The red head hummed and rolled his eyes. “We should go out, yeah?” Hinata said softly. “It’ll give us a chance to kind of calm down, y’know?” Kageyama nodded. “Yeah.. let’s do that.”

They decided on going out to dinner and an arcade with Kuroo and Kenma. Hinata got dressed in white jeans and Kageyama’s grey hoodie he stole from him in high school. It still didn’t fit him all the way, since he had stopped growing in his second year of high school.

Kageyama got dressed in dark wash blue jeans and a white hoodie. Once the two were dressed, they made their way out the door and to the station where they met up with Kuroo and Kenma.

to be continued~~~

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