Invincible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 12
Invincible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 12 kageyama tobio stories

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Invincible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 12

a/n angst <3 don't hate me i'm sorry onto the story!

Two years later, Kageyama finds himself waiting for Hinata to return from work so that they can go out and celebrate their 10 year anniversary of them being together. As he sits on the couch patiently, Kageyama remembers what he was doing 10 years ago, this day, on December 6th.

He remembered biking up the monster of a hill to get to Hinata’s house, he remembered the blanket fort they made together that night, and he remembered how happy he was when Hinata fell asleep on his chest. A slight blush crept onto his face when he thought about it.

He looked over at the clock. '8:26 pm… where is he..?' Kageyama thought to himself. Hinata was never late coming home from work. "He’s probably just stuck in traffic.." Kageyama said, brushing it off.

He decided that he wanted to do something for his husband to surprise him when he got home. Kageyama walked into their room and grabbed a box of tacks, and a sheet off of the bed. He was gonna try and make a blanket fort. As stupid as it seemed, Kageyama couldnt make a good blanket fort

for the life of him, it was aways Hinata who made it, he would just supervise and hold the tack box. Not this time though, he was gonna make this anniversary special. After pinning the last corner to the wall above the bed, he stepped back to look at his fantastic creation, only to see that it was lopsided and it looked terrible.

“Damnit..” he muttered to himself. He decided that he will just make up for the crappy fort with snacks. He ran to the kitchen to make pop corn and get a few boxes of Chocolate Pocky. After all that was done, he took it to the room and put it in the fort, along with two bottles of Dr. Pepper.

He then turned the tv on and got on Disney+ so they could watch The Greatest Showman, because they both really liked that movie, and the music in it. Once all that was done, he sat in the living room and waited. He looked back over to the clock. '9:03 pm...Hinata..where are you..' He began getting worried.

He pulled out his phone so he could call his husband,but just then he heard the familiar sound of keys in the door. “Hey.. I'm sorry i was so late, the train was delayed..” The red head said, closing the door behind him. “It’s alright, love.. I'm just glad you're okay.”

“Yeah, but i feel bad that it's too late to go out like we had originally planned…” Hinata said sadly. “Don't worry, babe! C’mon! I've got a surprise!” Kageyama said excitedly. Before the smaller male could say anything, he was being dragged by the hand to the bedroom.

“Ta da!” Kageyama said, gesturing to the horrible excuse for the blanket fort, the snacks and the movie that was on the tv. “Tobio…” Hinata said, covering his mouth. “Do you like it..?” Kageyama asked nervously. “I know the blanket fort sucks really bad, but i made up for it with snacks, and-”

“I love it, Tobio..” Hinata said, cutting his husband off. “I love you..” Kageyama smiled. “I love you, too.. And I am glad you like it, I worked extra hard.” He said, flexing his bicep. Hinata laughed and rolled his eyes before going and laying in the blanket fort and reaching out his arms, gesturing for Kageyama to come lay with him.

“Aren't you going to change?” Kageyama asked, noticing that his husband was still in his work clothes. “Nope. i just want to cuddle and watch movies with my wonderful husband on our 10 year anniversary.” the smaller male said, rolling himself up in the covers.

The dark haired man smiled and sighed before getting in bed and grabbing his blanket burrito husband and holding him. Hinata smiled and leaned his head against Kageyama. The two stayed like that for the entire movie, and didn’t bother to get re-situated when it was over.

The next morning, Kageyama woke up to an empty bed. He squinted in the dark trying to make out a familiar lump in the covers that was there every morning, but alas, there was no one. He felt around before concluding Hinata was not in bed.

He rolled out of bed with a grunt and walked out to the living room. He didn't see his husband out there, so he looked all around the apartment and still couldn't find him. He walked into the kitchen and to the fridge deciding to have a glass of milk to calm his nerves.

He noticed a pink sticky note on the jug with something written on it. Kageyama read it. "I had to go out real fast, be home soon! Love, your husband.” Kageyama took the sticky note off and put it in his pocket. He was calmer now knowing that Shoyo hadn't been abducted during the night or something.

Even so, he still felt like something was off, he couldn't put his finger on it, he only knew that something was up with the red head, and he had to know what it was. That afternoon when Hinata got home, Kageyama started questioning him. “Where were you?” He asked, trying not to come off as over protective.

“Oh, uh..i was just.. Out.” the smaller male replied, almost questioning his answer. “Shoyo, don't lie to me please.” Kageyama had a serious look on his face that matched his tone. Hinata’s eyes glossed over with a blanket of tears threatening to fall at any second. “’ll hate me..” He said quietly, on the verge of crying.

Kageyama cupped his small husband’s face in his hands. “Oh Sho.. I could never hate you. Please tell me what is going on.” Kageyama was scared now, but doing well not to show it. What did Hinata mean by he’ll hate him? Did he cheat or something?

No, he wouldn't, Kageyama knew that for sure, that didn't stop him from being scared. “I was at the hospital…Kageyama.. I.. i'm sick..”

To be continued~~~~

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