Invincible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 11
Invincible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 11 kagehina stories

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Invincible Together (Kagehina) Chapter 11

a/n heyo! imma just warn yall now, from chapter 12, and on, major angst warning <3 onto the story!

The just married couple rode in the car all the way to where they were having the reception. Once the guests arrived, the party started. Noya and Tanaka were up at the dj booth, harassing and trying to take over the guy’s job, while Bokuto and surprisingly Daichi were breaking it down on the dance floor.

Hinata ran over to the dance floor where Bokuto and Daichi were having their dance off and he looked over to Noya who had finally taken control of the dj booth thanks to his bigger friend, Tanaka. “Yuu! You know what to play!” Hinata yelled to the other midget.

“You got it, Shōyō!” Noya yelled back, putting on the song. 'Whores in the house. There’s some whores in the house.' (yes yes ik that song came out like a year ago, but shut up, i want this played at my wedding, and Sho does too) “Awww yeahhhh!!!” Kuroo, Bokuto, and Tanaka yell in unison.

Hinata, Bokuto and Kuroo started dancing and shaking to the music. Then, when Hinata’s part came on, they stopped and gave the newly wed man the spotlight. 'From the top, make it drop.' Hinata dropped, and he dropped low.

“Yuhh! Get into it!!’ Kenma yelled from the bar. “Ayyyy! Get it Shōyō!” Noya shouted. As the song faded out, Hinata walked over and sat at the table where he, Kageyama and their groom’s men were supposed to sit. “Holy crap, i'm out of breath.” He said, panting.

He was then joined by Akaahsi and Yamaguchi. “That was crazy!” Yamaguchi laughed, handing the red head a drink. “Yeah, i'm surprised Bokuto-san didn’t do it with you.” Akaashi chuckled. “AGAAAASHHIIIII!” Bokuto called from across the room. “COME DANCE WITH ME!!”

“Welp, I've been summoned. I'll be back.” Akaashi said, before walking over to dance with his energetic boyfriend. Hinata chuckled to himself as he looked around at everyone. Bokuto and Akaashi were dancing by the bar where Kuroo and Kenma were.

Judging by the look on Kenma’s face, Hinata could tell that Kuroo was probably telling stupid chemistry pick up lines to Kenma, who, even though he would never admit it, secretly liked them. Sugawara, Daichi, and Asahi were trying to tame Noya, who was back at it again trying to fight the DJ for his booth, while Tanaka was cheering his besfriend on while Ennoshita was trying to shut him up.

Tsukki was with Kageyama, who was talking with his sister, Natsu, and Mrs.Hinata. Narita and Kinoshita were sitting down just chatting, totally ignoring the chaos, so were Coach Ukai, Takeda, and Old Coach Ukai, who they all just called Gramps.

Hinata glanced over at Yamaguchi, who’s eyes were fixed on a certain tall blonde with glasses. Hinata smirked. “Yams~~” he said in a sing-song voice, “You’re starring~” Yamaguchi flinched. “W..what.? Am not.” He laughed nervously.

“Pfft, you are a terrible liar.” Hinata teased. “It’s okay to check out your boyfriend, I do all the time.” “Oh my God shut up.” Yamaguchi laughed. “Nah.” the red head smiled. The two continued to sit there and check out their partners.

Kageyama glanced over and noticed Hinata and Yamaguchi staring at them. He smirked and nudged the tall blonde, which prompted him to look over at his freckled boyfriend and laugh. Kageyama and Tsukishima walked over and sat at the table with their partners.

“Wow, Yams. we’ve been together since middle school and you still check me out? Im flattered.” Tsukishima said with a wink and smirk. “Shut up Saltysaurus, I do no such thing.” the freckled male huffed. Kageyama chuckled and turned his attention to his husband. “What’s your excuse?” He said playfully.

“I don't have, nor do I need one. You are my husband, so i can check you out whenever i want. Now, shut up and dance with me, Bakayama!” Hinata said, getting up and grabbing his husband’s hand. The pair walked onto the dancefloor.

“Alrighty ladies, and gentlemen. It's time for the married couple to have their first dance together as husbands.” Noya said on the microphone at the DJ table. He had finally taken control, the original dj was now sulking at the bar. Noya turned on the song that Hinata and Kags had chosen for their first dance.

As the song started, Kageyama’s hands found a nice spot on Hinata’s lower back. As Hinata rested his hands on his husband’s shoulders, he couldn't help but think that he was the luckiest man in the world. “I love you, Tobio..” He whispered softly, gazing into Kageyama’s pretty blue eyes.

“I love you, Shoyo, more than anything.” He replied, with a small, but genuine smile. After the married couple’s song was over, they decided that it was time to cut the cake, then Hinata would throw the bouquet. Asahi handed Hinata the knife so he could cut the cake, but it was immediately taken by Kageyama.

“Are you out of your mind? You should never give Tangerine a knife, that could be fatal!” He said. “Shut up milk boy.” Hinata said, snatching the knife back. “I’m going to cut the cake, so suck it.”

“Both of us will cut it, dumbass!” “No!” “Yes!” “...fine.” Hinata agreed. Kageyama put his hand on top of Hinata’s, who was already holding the knife above the cake.

Together, they cut into it. Hinata then did something risky. He took a handful of cake and smashed it in Kageyama’s face. The tall, dark haired male was shocked, along with everyone else, except for Kuroo, Kenma, and Tsukki, who were all on the floor laughing.

Kenma had gotten in on recording, and swore that he would keep it forever. “Bahahahaha!!” Kuroo laughed loudly. “Oh my god, you sound like a damn hyena!” Kenma wheezed. Kageyama looked at his husband, then at the cake on the floor, then back at his husband.

“ Boke Hinata, Boke!” He laughed. “You're so dead.” “Yeah, yeah. Whatever, just shut up and kiss me, cake face.” Hinata said smugly before kissing his husband softly. After the cake was served, they decided it was time to throw the bouquet. Hinata stood with his back facing the crowd.

“Yeet those flowers, Sho!” he heard Noya say, followed by a “Hell yeah! Yeet it like i used to yeet kids off the flying ship in roblox!” that came from Kenma. Hinata snorted, and was about to throw the flowers up, but Kageyama stopped him and whispered something in his ear.

“Hell yeah!!” the red head said, handing the flowers to Kageyama. Kageyama set the flowers up in the air, and Hinata spiked it into the crowd of guests. Tsuki, who wasn't paying attention because he was talking to Yams, got hit in the face, causing kenma to fall over and die of laughter, because he got that on camera.

Along with the “Yoink!” that came from Bokuto as he dove for the flowers and caught them, only to be crushed by Kuroo who also dove for them. “You guys are something else..” Hinata chuckled. As they watched Yamaguchi frantically make sure Tsukki was okay, and Kuroo and Bokuto wrestled over the bouquet, Kageyama wrapped his arm around the tangerine’s waist and smiled.

As the rest of the night continued on, people started leaving and going home. Around midnight the only people still at the reception were Hinata, Kageyama, Kuroo, Kenma, Akaashi, Bokuto, Tsukki, Yamaguchi, Asahi and Noya. Everyone else had headed home a few hours prior.

At this point of the night, Kuroo and Kageyama were seeing who could drink more caprisuns while Kenma recorded and Hinata was cheering his husband on. “I won! Suck it, nerd!” Kageyama said after basically inhaling 31 capri suns.

“Oh shut up, blueberry face!” Kuroo pouted. “If i drank anymore, i would've barfed!” “Don't make excuses, Rooster Head.” Kageyama teased. As the two continued arguing, Tsukki, Asahi and Bokuto went to try and calm them down while Kenma, Yamaguchi, Akaashi, Hinata, and Noya went over to the bar and made pina coladas. “So Shoyo, where

are you and Kageyama going on your honeymoon?” Akaashi asked. “Disney World in America. Our flight leaves tomorrow night.” The red head replied. “Woah, nice! Don't forget to send postcards!” Noya said, taking a sip of his drink.

“Yeah, send me one too, I'll hang it up on the fridge in me and Kuroo’s apartment.” Kenma said. “I'll get all of you postcards, and presents!” Hinata beamed. “Aw, thanks Shōyō.” Yamaguchi smiled.

“Of course! You guys are my bestfriends!” The 5 males smiled and continued sipping on their drinks, watching the other men arguing still about capri suns. Sitting there with his bestfriends, watching their boyfriends, and his husband be idiots, Hinata felt like he couldn't be happier.

To be continued~~~

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