ReWritten History (A serious tale of events) CHAPTER 3 Severing Ties Part 1
ReWritten History
(A serious tale of events)

Severing Ties
Part 1 harry stories

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Draco woke up in 1991, before his first year at Hogwarts. He was given the chance to live again, and this time, he was going to do it right. That somehow included being the crush of Harry Potter. (This is a serious series, which means I’ll probably update once or twice a week (mainly if the chapters are short).

Inspired off of author of History Repeats Itself on ao3


ReWritten History (A serious tale of events) CHAPTER 3 Severing Ties Part 1

“We need to talk.” Draco turned around and frowned in confusion as Snape talked sharply. “How did you do that.” Snape asked, even though it sounded like a statement. “I can’t tell you.” Replied Draco

Snape pursed his lips and hardened his gaze. Draco didn’t even flinch. “Why? Can you not just trust me?” Asked Snape, trying to gain sympathy from the latter. “Godfather, I believe that it was when YOU started keeping secrets that the trust between us faded.” Replied Draco, calmly.

Severus looked at him questioningly. The young Malfoy looked shocked himself, moreover the fact that those words had left him. “It’s nothing.” Draco quipped before bolting towards the Ravenclaw common room. “What in the name of Merlin was that?” Asked McGonogall.

“I do not know Minerva. But I fear that the boy may know more than we ever could.” Replied Snape in a reserved tone. ~MEANWHILE~ “You see a boat full of people. The next time you look, there isn’t a single person on there. How?” Asked the eagle.

Draco sighed. “The boat did not sink, all the people on the boat have a partner/partners.” The golden bird gave a look that could kill before letting Draco enter. Truly, they didn’t think he was this stupid, right? The reaction to his entrance was as he predicted. Not many spared him glances, and there were only a few giving him looks.

Probably because most of them were busy studying or drowning in knowledge. ‘This could be nice.’ Draco thought to himself before 2 boys walked up to him. “Hi, I’m Micheal Corner. Nice to meet you.” “And I’m Terry Boot!” The other shouted, a bit too loudly.

All the Ravenclaws in the room gave him dirty glares. As he silently apologized, Draco looked at Micheal in disbelief. “YOU want to be friends with ME?” Draco asked. “Well, yeah, why not?” Asked Micheal. Terry turned to the blonde.

“It’s no like you’re a murderer or secret spy like that.” Terry unhelpfully chimed in. Draco winced at those choices. However, if he did, they obviously didn’t see it. “Dude, he’s not hiding something evil. Right?” Asked Micheal sheepishly. Snapping out of his trance, Draco shook his head vigorously.

He may have done that before but he wasn’t going to do it again. “Well, I’m Draco Malfoy. A pleasure to meet you.” “The pleasure is all mine.” Responded Micheal, clearly toying with Draco’s over the top formalities.

Noticing this, Draco lightly smacked him on the head. He made sure it wasn’t too hard because he wasn’t ready to lose his new friends. Plus, it seemed Ike fun. End of Part 1

I’m so sorry that it’s short! There’s a problem with uploading slides so I couldn’t put in as much. >~< I hope you can forgive me! As an apology I’ll post multiple times this week. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and Happy Reading!

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