ReWritten History (a serious tale of events) CHAPTER 1 The Awakening of Draco Malfoy
ReWritten History
 (a serious tale of events)

The Awakening of Draco Malfoy draco stories

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Draco woke up in 1991, before his first year at Hogwarts. He was given the chance to live again, and this time, he was going to do it right. That somehow included being the crush of Harry Potter. (This is a serious series, which means I’ll probably update once or twice a week (mainly if the chapters are short).

Inspired off of author of History Repeats Itself on ao3

ReWritten History (a serious tale of events) CHAPTER 1 The Awakening of Draco Malfoy

Inspired off of author of History Repeats Itself on ao3 Estimated 1-2 updates weekly

- Flashback-

Draco ran to Potter, who had crippled under the force of Voldemort's spell. "What's this? The little Malfoy dares interfere? You are not capable of being a death eater. AVADA KADAVRA!" The last thing Draco heard was his own screams filling the air.

-Back to 'present'-

Draco woke up with a start, sweating profusely. “What? I thought I was dead! What’s going on?” -CRACK- Draco turned to the source of the excruciatingly loud noise. “Master, it is time for breakfast. Dobby was sent to alert Master.”

‘Dobby?’ Draco thought. ‘I thought he was freed years ago!’ “Dobby, I thought we freed you!” “Oh, no! Dobby wouldn’t dream of it! Dobby is loyal to Master, yes!” Draco looked at him skeptically, before noticing the unexpectedly youthful voice that came out of him.

“Anyways, Master must get ready! Master mustn’t be late preparing for his first year at Hogwarts!” ‘First year?? Wait a minute.’ “Dobby, what year is it?” “I believe it is 1991 Master.”

‘That means nothing has happened to Harry Potter yet! We still have a chance before the Dark Lord carries out his evil plan!’ “Master, are you by any chance...ill?” Asked Dobby innocently. Draco cleared his throat before shaking his head. “When are we going to Diagon Ally?”

-At their arrival- (At Diagon Ally)

Draco first visited the robe shop of course, as that would be the place he would first (supposedly) meet Harry Potter. As expected, Harry walks in and gets fitted beside him, and the two stand in silence. "Ahem. So...are you excited?" Asked Draco. 'STUPID, WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT???'

He thought to himself. "Ah, I guess. My name's Harry. Harry Potter." 'Yes, the boy who lived' stated Draco in his head. "I'm Draco Malfoy, nice to meet you." He reached out a hand to shake Harry's. "Nice to meet you too, Draco." Replied Harry.

'That's Malfoy to you.' Retorted Draco in his mind. The two conversed until Draco spotted a familiar big man outside the window. "I'm assuming that's your guardian." "Yes, that's Hagrid. Well, it was nice meeting you Draco, I hope to see you soon!" Harry said before flashing him a smile, paying and leaving.

Draco wanted to beg him to stay, to not die or get in any trouble but he didn't. How would past Harry understand what he was talking about? He was Draco from the future after all... Lucius Malfoy then suddenly walked in the store and payed the woman at the front.

"Come on, Draco. We can't wait for you all day. Fix your hair while you're at it." Draco had completely forgotten about his hair, and it was loose around his head. He slicked back half of the hair covering his eyes but left the rest. 'I wanted a change anyways.' Thought Draco, as he let his mullet-like hair sit where it was.

-fast forward to the train stop-

"Remember Draco, expectations." Said Lucius. "Yes Father." Draco replied, walking to the train. "I love you!" Yelled Narcissa. "Love you too mum." Shouted Draco. He guessed that was out of character for him because his parents gave him weird stares before whispering with each other.

Sitting down at the farthest compartment, (he was never one who enjoyed people bumping into him while they shuffled in) and looked out the window. He was starting to doze off when he heard an absurdly loud noise. Or should he say, voice.

"DRACO!" Harry was waving while running towards his direction, grinning at him. Three others followed. The Weasleys. Unfortunately, the carpet wasn't on Harry’s side, and slipped under his feet, causing him to trip. Out of panic, Draco waved his wand and chanted the spell necessary for this moment.

" Wingardium Leviosa!" Harry floated before landing on his feet, and Draco let out a sigh of relief. He would've turned back around to ignore what had just happened, if it wasn't for all the stares he was receiving. "YOU CAN DO MAGIC ALREADY!?" shrieked Harry. God, Draco didn't think this through. Was he becoming stupid?

"Er, yeah. My father taught me a bit." It wasn't a good excuse but people believed it enough to turn away for a while. "Draco, this is Ron, Fred, and George Weasley. Guys, this is Draco Malfoy" The Weasleys all flinched at the last name, but looked up at him anyways.

"Hey." Draco said, waving awkwardly. Luckily, Harry broke the tension between them. "Can you show us some more spells?" He asked Draco energetically. "Sure. Lumios." Ron and Harry watched in amazement as the tip of his wand shone.

"Sorry 'bout that mate. We didn't expect you to be that friendly considering your last name." Fred stated, while George nodded in agreement. 'Gee thanks.' Draco stated sarcastically in his head. "Anyways, toodles! We're gonna sit with our friends." They left, and Draco felt a sudden pang in his heart, after remembering that Fred had

died due to an explosion. 'Yeah, an explosion caused by you.' He thought. Draco shook his head. 'Two wrongs don't make a right. I'm going to fix this, and nothing is going to stop me. ' However, Draco was cut off of his trail of thoughts because someone tapped his shoulder.

"Draco, mate, are you okay? You've been spacing out for a while." "Erm, yeah. I'm fine." He replied awkwardly before tucking a piece of hair behind his ear. Somehow, the conversation switched to something about flying raccoons, and the heavy atmosphere was, thankfully, lifted.

They ended up chatting the whole time. 'Somehow, it's not as bad hanging out with them as he thought. But where's Granger?' He thought to himself. He shrugged it off, mainly because Ronald offered him a chocolate frog. He'd always adored sweets, so he couldn't pass up this opportunity.

While nibbling it down, he felt someone's gaze on him. He looked up, but no one seemed to be stating at him. It seemed that he had not noticed Harry's extremely bright red ears, flushing due to the embarrassment of almost getting caught staring at Malfoy.

And to think this is just the beginning. To Be Continued...

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