ReWritten History (a serious tale of events) CHAPTER 2 Troll in the bathroom!
ReWritten History (a serious tale of events)

Troll in the bathroom!
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Draco woke up in 1991, before his first year at Hogwarts. He was given the chance to live again, and this time, he was going to do it right. That somehow included being the crush of Harry Potter. (This is a serious series, which means I’ll probably update once or twice a week (mainly if the chapters are short).

Inspired off of author of History Repeats Itself on ao3


ReWritten History (a serious tale of events) CHAPTER 2 Troll in the bathroom!

The Arrival at Hogwarts

After Draco, Harry and Ron reaches Hogwarts, they reunified with other first years. “Draco, what do ya think will happen?” Asked Harry. Draco snorted in response. “They’re going to have a magical hat that sorts us into different houses.” Draco spoke nonchalantly. Ron, who hadn’t talked to him for a while, looked at him strangely.

“Are you sure you’re not going wack cause you didn’t sleep on the train?” Asked Ron. Draco sighed in exasperation. Dear God, they were stupid. Before he got to respond, ghosts swooped in. “LOOK AT THESE FRESH FACES! ICKLE FIRSTIES!!! This’ll be fun!” Peeves cackled manically.

He was really started getting in Draco’s nerves but Draco knew better than being smart with Peeves. If you got on his bad side, Peeves sought blood. “Alright students, follow me!” Called Professor McGonnogall. The first years followed her to the great hall, anticipating what would happen next. Ron was whispering loudly to Harry but was interrupted by a voice.

“You really shouldn’t be talking so loudly. You’re disturbing others around you.” Said a cross voice. Hermione Granger. Draco knew that voice to well. Ron said something that only Hermione could hear, and her face scrunched up, eyes brimming with tears. “Merlin, she was so annoying.” Muttered Ron

Could it be possible that the Golden Trio hated each other? Draco asked himself. But before he could question any further, they already reached the Great Hall. After the professors explained what would happen, (Harry and Ron were surprised by the fact that Draco’s “assumption” had been correct) the students started getting called up

one by one. Eventually, his name was called up, and all eyes were on him. The hat was placed on his head, and it immediately started pondering: ‘You’re not from here, are you? You come from the future. Time travel? Possibly. That takes a lot of courage. Perhaps Gryffindor...’

Draco thought for a while. Being in Gryffindor would help him get closer to Harry and Ron, but his pride hurt hearing that. ‘No Gryffindor? You seem to be a Slytherin but you have knowledge. Lots of it actually...” Without warning the hat shouted his house “RAVENCLAW!”

Time seemed to freeze. Draco didn’t mind but everyone else seemed to think that it was a big deal. Even some of the professors looked stunned. For the next names, no one stopped staring at him, until Harry Potter was called up. It finally decided on Gryffindor but Draco wondered why it took so long to decide.

The Sorting had finished, and people were enjoying their food when suddenly, Professor Quirrell barged in through the doors. He knew what was coming next. “TROLL IN THE BATHROOM!” Draco groaned. He remembered someone was in the bathroom when the troll entered. The Weasel and Savior has saved them.

Wait. Where was Granger? Hurriedly, Draco rushes past the Hufflepuffs being led out of the Great Hall and sprinted towards the bathroom. Huffing, he didn’t realize that someone was following him until he felt a hand on his shoulder. Draco yelped at the sudden contact and turned around. Low and behold, it was Potter.

“Draco, where are you going?” “To the bathroom, duh!” And he turned around and went inside the girl’s bathroom. Granger was crouched in the corner, hiding in the corner. Normally, he would’ve laughed at this but something hit him. The Trio wouldn’t be complete without Hermione alive.

“PROTEGO!” Draco pointed his wand in Hermione’s direction, just in case. “STUPIFY!” He then cast at the troll. The troll paused, and remained still. Quickly, Draco ran towards the girl. “Are you okay?” Asked Draco. Granger shakily nodded her head, as the professors barged in.

“What’s going on here!?” Asked Professor McGonagall. “It was epic! Draco used two spells that were really cool! I think it was protego and stupidry? Stupify? I don’t know but it was really impressive!” The professors looked shocked. Snaps was the first to talk. “Draco, is this true?”

“Well....maybe?” Replied Draco. “Well then. We will award house points to each of you for this...example of..bravery. Go on now!” Draco rushed to leave and would’ve been in his common room if someone hadn’t tried to stop him. “Draco. I think we need to talk.”

Don’t worry, the Drarry will kick in soon. I know that it seems like DracoxHermione but I promise you that that’s not the case XD TO BE CONTINUED

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