The Girl Who Never Smiled
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Her name is “thing”

The Girl Who Never Smiled

Her name is "thing"

Her voice is nonexistent

Her heart is buried

Her soul is fragile

Other people think she's shy

Other people don't understand why

Other people see her wrists

Other people believe her lies

Her family is just a guise

Her family doesn't truly care

Her family doesn't understand her,

Her family punishes her

Her family doesn't even try.

Punishments are never ending

Punishments don't leave behind scars

Punishments leave behind gushing wounds

Punishments never fade, or heal

She wishes someone could see

She wishes she could show someone without fear

She wishes just one person would ask

Ask about the scars, ask about the tears.

She wants someone to ask about the scars,

She wants someone to at least act like they care.

If only someone would have

If only someone would have seen through the "fine"

If only someone would have truly cared

If only she could have waited long enough

Only someone did notice

Someone shy and abused like her

Someone who feared judgement

Someone who cried that night

If he would have helped her

She would have survived.

He didn't know.

She wished he knew

Too late for regrets

Too late for action

Don't wait till tomorrow

Because sometimes it just can't wait.

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