Afternoon Delight
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The sun filled the bleak pale blue sky scattered with clouds big and small in all sorts of all odd shapes and sizes, the sky burned.

Afternoon Delight

The sun filled the bleak pale blue sky scattered with clouds big and small in all sorts of all odd shapes and sizes, the sky burned.

The grass was green and soft on the dirt ground on the hill leading up too a great oak tree with a thousand leaves and one hundred branches,

He lay with her holding his love in his arms staring into the sun till his eyes burned and tears lined his cheeks, this was one of the last days he could see his love before she was gone,

the air was thick with sadness.

The felt it in eachothers chests, their heartbeats in sync, she looked at him.

"Love, don't cry for me" Said Jillian her voice raspy and sweet like the flowers that decorated the fields they visited together for the 9 short months they spent together.

"Im not crying for you Jill, im crying because I won't ever share a moment like this again with another person, Im crying because I miss you even though im holding you tight and close,

because you won't be here long." Edric spoke with pain and sadness in his heart.

"This is the first day of the rest of your life love, When im gone you will be free and happy to live and laugh and care for the others in your life, let me leave dear.

Don't hold onto me, let me go" Jillian asked her lover too forget her because she knew the pain he felt, they shared eachothers pain, eachothers secrets, eachother lives,

every saturday for 9 months they seen each other and it was going too end soon and Edric couldn't stop it, he was lossing his love all over again and he was afraid.

"But what if I can't let go, what if I love you forever and never move on, what if when im old and frail and covered in wrinkles,

I still remember my young love Jill who died pure and perfect and young" Edric wiped his tears away staring into sky some more, "That cloud is where im going Ed, But all clouds disapear,

let my clouds fade and rain down, love me now and forget me.

" Jillian eyes were red and sore like she was reading in the dark with candel light, she was afraid too go, she didn't want too leave, but no one could stop it now.

"I love you Jill, I always will" Edric responded gulping his throat almost not letting him get his words out.

"I know, I know Ed."

Jillian tuttyle closed her eyes in her lovers arms and she never woke up.

Edric burried her underneath the great oak tree in the field they visited every saturday for nine months so she could watch the sun set.

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