Who wants to hear me rant again?
Who wants to hear me rant again? my life stories

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For all my sim peeps, I won't be on this weekend or Friday, but I will definitely try to get the pictures out by Monday. And this post is kinda long so get ready for a long haul :D

Who wants to hear me rant again?

I've noticed a lot of stuff lately.

A lot of things that leave me scratching my head.

Like for instance,

Why is talking about our lives on this site bad or inappropriate?

It's a story site, sure.

But now that you have everyone watching you, I'd be careful about what you choose to say.

And keep in mind that this is NOT an attack on Artemis.

Compared to them, I'm Colin Creevy and they're Harry Potter.

But lets start from the very beginning.

The beginning of yours truly.

On the twenty sixth of October, two dark haired parents welcomed a new soul into the world.

They had been waiting for this ever since they'd been married, the moment that they became parents.

The woman held a blond baby in her arms, and cherished the moment with her one and only true love.

Not even three weeks later, they were leaving the city of Champaign, Urbana with the same, chubby newborn in the backseat, along with all of their belongings.

They hadn't thought about money.

All they had wanted was little ducklings waddling around a giant house.

Their own little ducklings.

But it had taken almost two years to even get pregnant with the baby, and they'd thought the woman was infertile.

They were in debt.

So, with heavy hearts and pasted smiles, they relinquished their pride and went to live with the woman's mother.

It was quite the challenge.

And eventually, the newborn sprouted her own wings and grew.

Speaking with slurs and murmuring kind words.

Not long after the pigtails and the spinning and the constant singing, a smaller, wrinkled soul entered the world.

And my oh my she entered the world with a bang and a crash.

But she softened.

The couple had their hands full now.

Because these girls were inseparable.

And the woman's mother had the brilliant idea to get dogs.

So, naturally, the couple lugged their belongings and daughters out gingerly and set out to find a true and honest home.

To their surprise, it wasn't that difficult.

To find living arrangements, not a home.

A house in quite good condition(or as best as it would get) held their family portraits and memories.

They stayed there until the man's produce related job took them almost entirely across America.

This is where the story picks up a bit.

The daughters were quiet and solemn.

Until a fiery soul blasted into their world at record speeds.

They turned around and figured out that they had responsibilities now.

They didn't have time to play dolls anymore.

They changed their younger brothers diapers during the summer and dragged each other through school during the fall.

After a year and a half, the man's job took them to the border of Texas.

Little Rock Arkansas.

They had gotten too comfortable.

They had made friends that were closer than family.

Tears were shed and anger was bashed into the walls of the quaint family's tiny apartment.

But, reluctantly, they drove away from what they thought was their place.

The girls hid their scars and wore solemn grins.

The family purchased a one story house on the corner of an odd neighborhood and settled in for the fourth time.

Turns out, friends weren't on the market for little Padfoot.

She was too strange.

And to make up for it all, a dark haired baby was born and the family erupted with joy.

Or tried to, with the sinking news that followed.

The family held each other tightly before moving to Hudson Wisconsin.

They were finally with their extended family again.

And friends popped out of the ground here.

One did just that, teeming with intrigue and befriended Lark.

It was fake though.

Her blonde locks deceived Lark and ran away from our poor little friend.

Leaving a bracelet and catastrophic turn of events in her wake.

Enter the bully.

The baby bird was told that she was an idiot and worthless.

Her heels were scraped and blistered from this brown haired boy.

She always took the pain.

All she wanted in the world was someone who cared about her.

Someone who didn't leave her.

The Golden Trio.

Hogwarts was her home that she dreamt of when she slept and cried about when she awoke.

A place that she would belong.

But sadly, she could never reach it.

And one day, a quiet soul entered the world.

and her parents were distant and whispered to each other when she was around.

They left in July.

And this time was different.

This time Lark knew exactly what was going to happen.

She didn't know how right she was.

"We think you might have depression." was something she heard from her frizzle-haired guidance counselor.

She had closed herself off from the nest.

She had been too distant.

But then, out of absolutely nowhere, somebody finally promised that they would protect her.

Someone who would fight for her.

She was finally a part of something.

A friendship that was different than any she'd ever had before.

And this time, it was permanent.

Uh..that was a lot sorry.

I'm literally in tears right now so it might not be the best idea to post this.

This might be the most meaningful thing I've ever written.

And back to the actual topic I opened with,

i try to make my page as happy and exciting and warm as I can.

I love each and every one of you that even glance at one of my posts.

I hope that even my posts that aren't sappy love stories or depressing poems put a smile on your face.

I'll make a part two if you guys want.

and gosh, I gotta tell all my peeps from the sim that I won't be on this weekend.

Uh..I'll include that in the description.

But um...yeah.

That's me, Lark.

And I'm the oldest of five.

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