Look at da faces!
Look at da faces! sim stories

non_de_plume unorganized is my middle name😊😖
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Starting part one!

Look at da faces!

@inkdragon Traitor/Protag/Antag: Protag Name: Liza Cofefe Age(15-18): 17 Pronouns/gender: female (she/her) Sexuality: straight Appearance(so I can post a pic of your character): short brown hair, green eyes, tall, skinny, likes comfy clothes and sneakers,

Personality: quirky, funny, outgoing, loud, crazy Love(yes/no/Idc): yes Extras: Liza knows how to reprogram any piece of tech...

@btsismybias Traitor/Protag/Antag: protag Name: Kandeth Suriso (Kandy) Age(15-18): 16 Pronouns/gender: she/her female Sexuality: bisexual Appearance(so I can post a pic of your character): pale skin, brown eyes and long wavy black hair, petite and has an athletic body.

Personality: flirtatious, loves teasing her friends but is also very protective of them. Seems to always be hyper but in the right situations she can turn deadly serious. Love(yes/no/Idc): yeE Extras: has ADHD and is also super loud (if shes quiet, you know immediately something is wrong)

@110eggos Protag Name: Ophelia Miller Age: 17 Pronouns/Gender: She/Her Girl Sexuality: Bi Appearance: Short, brown hair. Brown eyes, almost black. Dark skin.

Personality: Quiet but if you get her to start talking she's hilarious Love: Sure Extras: She's a pretty good fighter, but won't show it. She also likes hitting things when she's excited. :)

Protag Name: Adrastos Serpentine Age(15-18): 17 Pronouns/gender: male- he/him Sexuality: bi, with a preference to guys Appearance(so I can post a pic of your character): Dyed blonde hair, grey eyes, tan, muscular, wears a lot of black, and chains, (wears the occasional maid dress outfit with cat ears)

Personality: smart, cunning, bitchy, flirty, seductive, brave, not afraid to stab a bitch, untrusting, piss him off and he will most likely ruin your life, and extremely loyal Love(yes/no/Idc): yes Extras: very skilled in the art of knives and hand to hand combat- he also learned how to dance/fight (if you saw the first Jumanji Live Action movie you know what I mean) @damnitandy

@fiddlesticks24 Protag: Name: Skylar Mariah Age(15-18): 16 Pronouns/gender: She/her and Female Sexuality: Straight Appearance(so I can post a pic of your character): Long wavy pink hair with blue eyes, short and tanned skin, loves to wear a lot of bright clothes

Personality: Really fun and sweet, talks a lot and giggles a lot and hates to interrupted, sometimes really mean and rude, a big airhead Love(yes/no/Idc): Yes Extras: Likes to wear chokers a lot and hates peanut butter

The next few were REALLY hard to find..

I even got freaking Mikoshiba when googled "boys with red hair and red eyes" And that's....

That's just plain mean..

But here's the rest

@skittlesboyo Traitor/Protag/Antag: Antag Name: Sammy Clips Age(15-18): 16 Pronouns/gender: He/him- Male Sexuality: Pansexual Appearance(so I can post a pic of your character): Skin- Pale, Eyes- Red, Hair- Short, different shades of red, and Clothing- Loose sweater, jeans, laced shoes, and purple/black (and yes, I know his eyes aren't red, just pretend)

Personality: Observant, silent a lot of times, not afraid of anything (Except ants, just ants only), quick thinker, and brutally honest at times Love(yes/no/Idc): Whatever works for the plot! Extras: He is TERRIFIED of ants (Not insects, just ants), likes reading/writing/drawing, and sometimes twitches.

@phoenix13mage Traitor/Protag/Antag: Antagonist Name: Mission Apparatus Age(15-18): 17 Pronouns/gender: he him male Sexuality: straight

Appearance(so I can post a pic of your character): dark black half with bright mint green tips, he has the same almost glowing mint green for eyes, green when angry bluer when normal. Wears a sweatshirt with the hood up constantly and is ussually covered in random scratches.

Personality: dark extremely sarcastic, but also caring when he wants to be. Love(yes/no/Idc): yes Extras: he's afraid of rain, and is a tach genius of sorts Excited this sounds cool!

And yes I did make my own Character..

Protag Name: Starlight Thomas Age(15-18): 16 Pronouns/gender: She/Her/Girl Sexuality: Bisexual(with a preference to gals) Appearance(so I can post a pic of your character): Curly, dark black hair that hangs over her shoulders. Emerald green eyes that make her look really sneaky and sly.

Personality: She's really nonchalant and arrogant. She's not particularly nice to anyone because she tries to separate herself. Love(yes/no/Idc): Idek Extras:She's really tough. Like if you mess with her, she will slap you right in your face. :P

And that's it!Our traitor hasn't yet graced us with their presence, but we'll wait.

Also, I made a Discord server for everyone. Like if you want to tell me more about your character or whatever.

It's also going to be the start of a new series that I'm calling, Four girls asking questions, your afraid to ask yourself!



Anyway, if you want to talk about feminism, trans rights, or Black lives matter with me, click the link below!

One that note, toodles!

Jeez I haven't done that in a while.

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