If you fell asleep in Tamaki's arms.
If you fell asleep in Tamaki's arms. mha stories

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For all you peeps who see Tamaki as a comfort Character.

If you fell asleep in Tamaki's arms.


I Love


Lets get on with it then.

Y/n: You enter the UA dorms in a huff, gripping your tie loose. You had a giant exam today and you're absolutely terrified to hear the results.

You flip the lights on and see the big three sitting casually on the couch. Tamaki frowns and pink warms his face.

"Sorry, am I interrupting anything?" You ask sweetly, your demeanor changing when you see them. "Nothing at all, it's actually quite nice to see you Y/n." Mirio smiles and looks at you.

"Come on! Sit down!" Nejire whines. She pats her hand on a spot for you, right between Tamaki and her. You oblige, walking towards the group and slumping onto the couch.

"You okay Y/n?" Nejire asks, ruffling your hair gently. You look over at Tamaki and see that he's scooted away from you. 'Does he hate me?' you wonder as Nejire presses you about your day.

"I'm fine, just really stressed out. Bakugou demolished half of the entire school." "Jeez, that kid is quite the spitfire." Mirio sighs, scrolling through his phone.

"You know what always makes me happy after a stressful day?" Nejire asks, a sheepish grin forming on her lips. "No, what?" You ask.

"A bear hug from Tamaki over here!" she pushes you towards him and your side bumps into his. "Nejire! You can't just-" Tamaki starts, but stops himself when he sees your face.

A smiles spread across it and you erupt with giggles. You see a small smile on his face, but there's still pink all over it. "A-Are you okay?" he asks, looking at the ground.

"Eh, I could be better." you frown, remembering the day. Suddenly, you feel Tamaki's arms wrap around you shakily. He holds you up and places you on his lap. You feel your own face grow warm.

He pulls you close to him and you lay your head on his chest, hearing the quick beating of his heart. "B-Better?" he stutters. "Much." you say, yawning.

"Aw! Tamaki, they look so perfect in your arms!" Nejire squeals. You close your eyes, letting drowsiness take over you now that your safe in someones arms.

And suddenly, you find yourself falling asleep.


They weren't so scary when they were asleep. Sure, they were asleep on top of me, but they were so light and gentle. So small. Their warm breath blew on my shirt and sent shivers down my spine.

I wasn't as nervous anymore. I even ruffled Y/n's hair a bit. It was so soft. And they smelled so sweet. Like flowers. I held them tighter when Nejire and Mirio left the room.

It tickled my heartstrings to know that there was someone out there who could fall asleep on me.

"Uh Tamaki, do you want me to take them up to their dorm?" Mirio had asked, but I shook my head.

I rested my head on theirs now, intoxicated by their scent. Falling asleep to the sweet feeling of the person i loved.

This is how I picked which Character to do by the way..

And then i completely ignored it and did what i wanted.


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