I have new names for the Harry Potter children.
I have new names for the Harry Potter children. harry potter stories

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AhH yEs YoU'rE nOt DaNgErOuS aT aLl aRe YoU?

I have new names for the Harry Potter children.


Harry and Ginny's children are named after people who made a big difference in Harry's life.

But..What about Ginny?

Didn't she push the kids out of her-


The kids names are,

Albus Severus Potter

James Sirius Potter


Lily Luna Potter.

So, I have a few problems with these names.

It is to my knowledge that Pro. Dumbledore and Pro. Snape pretty much led Harry to his death while he had his thumb up his arse.

And Dumbledore made it so the prophecy matched exactly,

Killing Harry's parents for the prophecy.

So, yeah let me name my children after the people who dug my grave.

And then naming his kids after his parents was just....weird...

The only part i think he did a good job with are the names "Luna" and "Sirius"

those were perfect in my opinion.

and my frustration with this was phenomenal.

SO, I changed the Potter's names.

We got,

Molly Luna Minerva Potter.

Cedric Sirius Potter


Fred Remus Potter


So we got not none but TWO Weasleys in there.

Molly, who excepted Harry as a son.

And Fred who died in the Battle of Hogwarts.


Cedric, who died protecting Harry.

And Minerva who got Harry his first broom.

oh right, and Remus who was the best dark arts teacher Harry ever had!

(and was best friends with his godfather)

I don't know about you, but I think these are better.

I feel like a genius.

And if we want to get a little ExTrA

Cedric Rubeus Sirius Potter


The person who guided him away from his nightmares and to his true home.

And you can tell that Ginny actually got to help naming them.

And Harry wasn't just like

"AhH yEs ThE fRuIts Of My LaBoR!"

naming his children after Snape and Dumbledore is like naming them after Draco and Voldemort.

like come on man.

I'm sorry.


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