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Come join us on a emotional roller coaster with the Revoluionarys!

Also known as-
Hamilton characters put into a modern setting.
Arthur attempts to write chapters in their spare time. Thus, The Revs. are born!

The Revolutionarys!!

A/N Listen to me peeps that will probably not read this. When I say me I mean we as in me and my co-writers. Now let's type for an hour -_-.

I will post like every week, but that's just me being lazy. So the best thing I can do is once a week. I type all of this on my Chromebook.

So during the summer I kind of won't be able to post as much. Yeah. Also, I will be in this story.

YEAH BOI!!! Also, there will be a weird backstory to me and Alex but you will see, AND I am young so I can't write that well... I probably left so much out of this.

So there will be a lot of A/N's in the story. Yeah.

Also, there will be some warnings in here so if you see *SOME TYPE OF WARNING* read what's inside so you can skip it if you want to,

there will be a summary of the chapter at the end if there are warnings. Just some more work for me and my co-writer(s). Sorry, I tend to go on rants.

Also, any foreign languages are from google translate. Now I think I covered most of the things I wanted to say so... ON WITH THE STORY!!!!

Chapter 1- The Hamiltons

*Abygal’s POV ( Arthur-Chan)*

(A/N I know hate on me. but FYI it’s another spelling for Abigail.)


(A/N Already me seriously. I have a project to do right now........ But am I gonna finish it? No.) (A/N P.S. I am from the future. I got that project done.)

I’m on the school bus writing this… The people behind me are assholes, they are being homophobic, I want to punch the fuck out of them.

That’s my trans friend's job though XD, so I am just here, being gay, trying not to punch the homophobes.)

"ALEX! WHERE ARE YOU? ALEX!" I yell in a scared tone. I look around to try to find him. I can't seem to breathe. "ALEX PLEASE!" I yell over the strong wind.

The harsh rain hits my skin through my soaked clothing. I can't see him. I can't see him. My heart is going a million miles per hour. " ALEX! PLEASE, WE LOST MOTHER, I CAN'T LOSE YOU TOO!"

*end flashback*

I feel, surprisingly strong, bony arms wrap around my waist. I tense up out of habit, due to past events. "Shh, it's okay" I hear Alex say.

Even though I can hear the fear in his voice. I lean up against my brother, trying to calm my breathing. I hear the sound of the rain against our small apartment windows.

My breath starts to speed up. I can't breathe.



I feel my sisters breathe speed up once more. "ALEX! WHERE ARE YOU? ALEX!" I hear her yell for the second time. Her breath somehow gets faster.

Gotta stay strong, I repeat in my head for the thousandth time. I have to stay strong. "ALEX PLEASE!" Abby yells, "ALEX! PLEASE, WE LOST MOTHER I CAN’T LOSE YOU TOO!" she yells.

I hear a loud knock on the door as my breath starts to pick up Abby's pace. I can't leave her. I gotta stay strong.

I GOTTA STAY STRONG! " I GOTTA STAY STRONG!" I yell at the top of my lungs. I hear something behind me, but Abby is more important. I feel the tears streaming down my face.

Someone rips Abby out of my hands. "No!" I yell and punch the person trying to take my little sister. I feel someone's arms wrap around my waist lovingly. "Shh, 'Lex its okay.

It's only a storm. You can do this. Focus on my voice, okay? Count to ten with me. Can you do that for me?" someone says in a loving, calming tone.


*Johns POV A little bit before going to Alex's house*

I got to go. The storm has got worse. I have to text ‘Lex, to see if he is okay.

-TurtleBoi to Non-Stop-

TurtleBoi- 'Lex R U Ok?

TurtleBoi- ALEX R U OKAY????


TurtleBoi- ANSWER ME!!

TurtleBoi- I am coming over. stay where you are.

I rush out the door. I text the group chats to tell them what's going on.

-To The Revolutionaries-

TurtleBoi- Guys Alex is not answering me. I think he and Abby are going through a panic attack.

LargeFrenchFry- He is not answering me mon ami.


TransTurtlePoet- Meet me at the park two blocks away from your house. You can't do this alone.




TurtleBoi- Nothing you can do just stay where you guys are Alex and Abby can get claustrophobic easily. I'll keep you updated.

MARIA_SCHUYLER- I am getting spammed. But the spam is essential. Give me the updates when you can.

TurtleBoi- I will. gtg almost to the park.

I run into the park looking for Mel. Where is that fucker? That's when I see her, in her normal worried stance. "MEL WE GOTTA GET GOING!" I yell at her.

She jolts up startled by my outburst. "THAN LET'S GO" she yells running towards Alex and Abby's apartment.


I knock loudly on the door hoping I don't have to show Mel my spare key. " 'LEX ARE YOU IN THERE???" I yell hoping for a response.

When I don't hear one I get out my spare key, and tell Mel "You see nothing.". Once I open the door I call "Alex?". I hear him yell "I GOTTA STAY STRONG!".

It sounds like it is coming from Alex's room. I run over to him and tell Mel "Get Abby away from him. He will get overprotective of her if we try to touch him while he has her.".

she nods and grabs ahold of Abby. Alex screams "NO" and punches Mel in the face. She just gets Abby away from him before he could throw his next punch. I wrap my arms around him lovingly.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Abby crying into Mel's shoulder. (A/N I have a girlfriend named Melanie. Not joking, check out her account TransTurtlePoet on wattpad.

Shout out to her! I love you Freckles if you are reading this!!!) "Shh, 'Lex its okay. It's only a storm. You can do this. Focus on my voice, okay? Count to ten with me.

Can you do that for me?" I say with all my love for this lonely boy. He leans up against my chest, I hope that my face is not as red as it feels.

"'Lex lets count are you ready?" I say in a calming, loving tone. In unison, with Alex shortly behind, we say, " 1... 2....3....4....5...6...7...8...9...10".

Slowly as we count his breathing slows down.

He eventually calmed down enough for us both to realize the position we are in.

He was on my lap, facing me, our faces an inch apart, my hands around his waist, his hands around my neck, chest to chest, face burning cherry red.

(A/N HA GAAAYYYYY! ITS RICH XD) Out of the corner my eye I see Mel giving me a literal Lenny face, in return, I shoot her a quick glare. All that matters at this moment was Alex’s safety.

So that was the first chapter. I would love some constructive criticism, so comment your opinions. Until next time, Non_BinaryPal

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