Is this death?
Is this death? stories

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A short story about Death! (totally cheery, I know.) My first story, hope you enjoy.

Is this death?

by nolaissocool

I felt myself falling, grasping for air and reaching for nothing. I felt my gaze wander to see pure white all around me. Clouds?

No, not clouds. How could there be clouds? Where was I?

This felt more like smoke, like the soft puffs my dad used to make on his cigarettes. The smell enveloped me, like a soft blanket. This had never happened before. Not in a dream.

Suddenly, I landed in the middle of a bridge. A landing that should have killed me. What was going on?

I t seemed to go on forever. I suddenly noticed a hooded figure standing just in front of me.

It clicked. "Am... Am I dead?" I asked the figure. He sighed like he had been through so many of these it was tiring. "Yes. You are dead."

He looked at me. "You have to go now," he said in a matter-of-fact tone. I sighed. "Before I go, can I ask you a question? "

Now, he sighed, expecting the standard. "Go ahead."

"What do you remember?"

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