We went into our bff's room and...
We went into our bff's room and... lil bff stories

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Lil Bff may have a gf :0

We went into our bff's room and...

Let us just say I think she got herself a girlfriend.

Me and my other bff's

| | v v

Last night, we wanted to surprise our other lil bff because it was her birthday!

| v

So we all gathered in front of her bedroom door, we were ready to barge in after the count of 세 but...

The door was locked an we heard two girls talking.

I looked over at Big Bff, gave him wide eyes, and said, "거기에 두 사람이 있습니까?" ("Are there two people in there?")

He shrugged and took Mid Bff into their room, the reason why is because Lil Bff and Big Bff shared a closet, both of their closet doors led to the same closet.

Mid Bff and Big Bff came back and told us they were next to Lil Bff's door & said they couldn't hear anything but some weird sounds like kissing.

It took a moment for me to process but soon after Sam Bff rushed to Big Bff's closet and opened Lil Bff's door.

We ran to him and noticed that Lil Bff and this cute Korean girl were kissing.

We sang happy birthday like nothing happened and yeah...

That's how our night went hehe, today she told me they might be dating but she won't tell me if it's official or not just because of us barging in. :<

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