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Ironic Karma

Karma Comedian

I use to laugh at ironic things

No punishment for the bad deeds

The Bible says that good 10 fold

The universe returns to us in gold

That fairytales and nursery rhymes

Exist to scare and keep us in line

But on this day fate stepped in

And karma it seems is a comedian

A lesson weaved throughout every line

Carefully crafted as a warning sign

It was a day like any other

As usual jumped in the shower

Quickly washed and rinsed my hair

Noticed too late that it was NAIR!

Every luscious lock and strand

Fell out completely in my hand

What seems like a sick joke being played

Or demented parts a malicious prank

A plot unfolded my part the lead

The lines straight from a horror scene

Like laws of nature or earths gravity

The rules we bend to suit our need

Like a boomerang’s invisible path

It seems to follow when it comes back

Even the ocean and it’s changing tides

Needs the moon’s persuasive side

We are the keepers of what we seek

And what we sow we indeed will reap

The nightmare that we fear the most

Comes back to haunt us like a ghost

Like Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Just a good story in a children’s book

what if the earth gets bored of us

And decides that we are entertainment

those characters we read as kids

Like Pinocchio or the 3 little pigs

Sleeping beauty or the ogre Shrek

You thought was funny as a sketch

Brought to life would pose a threat

Although to you this seems far fetched

The truth Ive written has not been stretched

I hope you read this and know as fact

What you put out there will soon come back

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