Seeing Me See You
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If only you saw yourself through my eyes.

Seeing Me See You

I cannot pinpoint the first time I saw you.

It was some time during band camp, with the

Sun shining,

Sweat dripping,

Gnats buzzing.

I looked over and I saw


Standing tall

And confident and

I can't help but

Wonder how it's possible I didn't

see you before.

Words wanted to fall off my tongue

and into your ears

But it was hard for me

to find the courage.

Days poured into weeks and the rain started.

It came out of nowhere, and

Pounded against every inch of us,

Melting my black mascara

Against my face.

You looked over at me,

and sent me words of encouragement--

despite the fact that I looked like a

rabid raccoon.

Time kept passing, spilling into months

and I couldn't


seeing you.

Then a swipe and some coffee

Leading into blushes into whispers into

Whiskers against cheeks and then

Our lips collided and mine couldn't help but

Feel as if they had


found the place where they belonged.

Flash forward

and I find you sitting next to me

in the feint glow of my lamp,

with your head softly leaning back against the wall,

eyes the color of life,

Seeing me, looking into my own, and I

Realize in that moment that I


See you.

You're beautiful.

In between kisses and giggles and bruises,

you ask what my mind is thinking

but there's no way I could put thoughts

into words

into sentences, to describe

Your beautiful soul or this feeling I have

stirring inside of me when

I see you.

I am slowly

learning--seeing--more and more. Seeing that

you're the type of man who will

wake up early just to drive his friend across the street,

The kind of man who always tips

even if he mostly serves himself,

The kind of man who

hangs onto age-old notes because of

who they are from,

The kind of man who wants to share his musical

passion with the rest of the world--to give back all the love that

Music has given him.

The kind of man who I am

lucky enough to


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