nocturnalsoarerI am an artist in all forms.
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Poem about nostalgia.


by Vyncent Lime

I'm living off flashbacks To which I want to go back I thought I moved on long ago

But they stay on my mind Those happier times And they make me feel low

I'm not really ready to move on I'm throwing off my time continuum I know, but I'm comfortable

Losing track of time and thrown off course I'm so silent, I lost my voice

Now I reside inside my mind

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nocturnalsoarerI am an artist in all forms.
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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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You touched upon some universal human feelings. The images and the imagery of the verse worked well together. Nostalgia is so universal. We forget all the bad times and only remember those images that brought us comfort. I enjoyed reading this.

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i reside in my mind too. i definitely get the nostalgia