Twice Forgotten
Twice Forgotten depression stories

nocturnal 18 ~ he/they ~ transmasc and tired
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I'm in psychology right now, having to deal with yet another huge assignment due in the next few days and it's driving me insane because recently I just can't see the point of school or anything. So instead of writing my psych IA that I'm super behind on, I wrote this because I'm severely stressed, depressed and apparently easily forgettable as well... Anyway, I hope you enjoy my bitter ramblings and depressive state cause it's kinda the only thing that makes up me anymore

Twice Forgotten

I don’t want to be seen Or hope to be heard I don’t want them to know me Just to forget me again

Every moment is just me Wishing for the day to end Waiting for the next second to pass Wanting tomorrow to come But it’s just the same as the last

I’m tired of being forgettable Of falling asleep in class I’m tired of endless assignments They’ve always lead me nowhere

I’m tired of my future Something that I have yet to live I’m exhausted from this downward spiral Because nothing remotely seems worth it

Not the blisters on my heels From running barefoot in the cold Not the sleep I’ve lost since I began The dark is when I’m most alert

It’s not worth this body That has never felt like home I can never relax, I’ll never feel safe Not when I’m trapped and stuck in my own skin

I feel sick when I eat And I feel sick when I don’t I’m hopeless when they scream at me Force me to live a life that’s not my own

For the longest time, I’ve just wanted to be done And I’ve tried so hard to stop But my actions never stuck

That’s me, I guess, I can’t make a wave I’m all on my own, They never said goodbye

I’m laying in bed Because I’m too tired to live But my eyes never close, I’m too awake to die

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