The Storm of Hunger
The Storm of Hunger hunger stories

nocturnal 18 ~ he/they ~ transmasc and tired
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Storm of pain

The Storm of Hunger

Thunder rumbles in the storm of my stomach, wanting something that I cannot give it, yelling at me, but I cannot consent to its wishes.

Clouds roll, making me sick, but there's nothing exude. Nothing in the pits of my empty stomach, nothing full, therefore nothing drain.

This is a storm that never rains. Nothing to rain when it can find no water to pour. A storm that can only try and try to shower with results always to be the same.

It burns in my body, like I've been struck by that lightning within it. Scorching my belly with red hot pain. An painful, raging fire with no end. No way to end.

My storm of hunger rages inside of me. It is pain and dry mouth and rumbling stomach that never ceases. Always storming, always killing me until the pain finally kills me.

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