Rifted As One
Rifted As One internal conflict stories

nocturnal 18 ~ he/they ~ transmasc and tired
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sorry I’ve been gone for a bit, I wrote this last night and I hope you all like it!!

Rifted As One

Conflicted souls

From many sides

A biting, bitter argument

Fought by split and cracked

Souls in divide

A rifted debate

Yet all sides are mine

In one corner

She screams a spiteful rage

To fight on end

Through ever fleeting time

She claws

She bites

Her madness fumes

Right to the brutal end

And opposing her

He of a softer type

Stands calm and steady

In face of unhinged freight

His tone may creep

A quieter tone to her flames

But his words strike bold

Not afraid to weep

Then hunched far away

Afraid to near the heat

From behind blank eyes

A tiny voice cries out

Too tired to move

Their fight frail

And easy to beat

Last comes the peacemaker

The worst for the job

Can’t settle the fight

Instead egging it on

Never choosing a side

Simply backs who is “winning”

Peace is subjective

Like when a typhoons waves

Are finally calming

Each voice strikes another

Clashing into a dreadful mix

Each argument my own

The medley my internal conflict

An eternal fight

Against my heart and soul in divide

Every second I spend in silence

It echoes in my mind

Where unity strides a distant memory

A dot in the distance

Getting further in face

Of calamity

They fight for a voice to dominate

The brash, the bold

The blank, the brazen

A never ending battle

From day to days end

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