Lost Umbrella
Lost Umbrella depression stories

nocturnal 18 ~ he/they ~ transmasc and tired
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Originally wrote this for the umbrella daily tag but didn't get around to posting it until now.

Lost Umbrella

Sadness is leaving your umbrella at home

And getting caught in the rain.

Depression is losing it

During a shower of pain.

Your stood at the bus stop

Staring at the water flowing down the drain,

And you’ve got places to go

And so much to do

But there’s nowhere you want to go

Not by bus, nor plane or train.

Sadness is when it trickles

Down your face

And your cheeks have turned red and puffy

Depression is when it seeps

Into your soul

And the world around you is muzzy

But friends

Friends are the ones

Who dry you off

They see when your lost

And when you’ve been battered by rain

They understand

And they take your hand

They’re the ones who take you

Under their own umbrella

Until you can find yours again

Friends are the ones

Who don’t let you sit in the rain

They shelter you

And wipe away the water

Your friends are the ones

Who wait with you

Until the sun comes out to shine

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