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nocturnal 18 ~ he/they ~ transmasc and tired
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I've sat here, wondering

Why happiness is so hard for me.

I can smile and I can sing

I can pretend all day

That I'm happy

And as much as I want to write a poem

That demonstrates just how happy I can be

I can't

Because all that comes to mind

Is the struggle

The cracks

The pattern on shattering glass

A few days ago, I read something

"People don't go from 0-60. If you think they do, you've failed to notice how long they've been at 59."

And now it echoes through my head

Because I haven't been at 59 in a very long time

I've lived at 60 for so long

Stuck on a speed

That takes me constantly

Every relationship I have is broken because of it

And no one seems to understand

That I'm not trying to hurt anyone

Every outburst, every tear

Every time I space out and stare

You've done nothing wrong

It's whats wrong with me

But you also can't help

Because you can't make me happy

But I can pretend

Each and every day

"Fake it 'til you make it"

That's what I'll do

"Fake it 'til you make it"

Try and make it true

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